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  1. Yes Yes Yes finally thanks this helped and now i can edit I've played it more and like it very much
  2. It said access is denied when i try overwriting the files. :/
  3. This is not one of my favorite games....Can't edit candidates in scenarios and such.
  4. I cant edit downloaded scenarios to make or edit new candidates in Chanellor forever. Someone HELP!
  5. Lol it does thanks, but I have money on one and i want to buy a game but it only has the options of credit cards and paypal. Thanks for that though.
  6. Can we have this for the british version, seems acceptable no?
  7. It takes along time for the 2006 greater london elections to load. Can someone help, is anyone else having this problem.
  8. Hi 270soft big fan of your games and a few questions if anyone can help!!! 1) If i buy the 2011 Canadian Election game can I also use the 2008 Canadian Scenarios? 2) Can I use a gift card to buy your games, it doesn't seem it :/ 3) Can I buy campaigns forever even if I don't have Presidents forever but do have another game such as Prime Minister forever british edition? Thanks - Michael
  9. Is an american political junkie

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