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  1. Thanks soo much if i could have the scottish or northern ireland one id be very happy
  2. If this was ever finished as a Miliband and Labour supporter please send to mike7000yo@aol.com
  3. Does anyone have the scotish or welsh scenario for Prime Minister forever. I can only find them for K4E and there not very accurate. If so send to mike7000yo@aol.com
  4. actually how do i use this, and it's purpose I thought with it you could add or edit ridings, but apparently no. I want to edit "greater London local elections 2006", when i click on it I get a screen with something that says - "31" with two things underneath, "//start date without primaries". and "//year numeric" having no idea what these do or create how would I use this and create or edit scenarios.
  5. I just found this. I love you Admin270 xD
  6. Is the President 4e too different from any other engine :/ i reallly want this
  7. I was playing a scenario "Greater London General Elections" when i wondered if i could change the ridings and add in new candidates, is there anyway i can do this? I found the text document and can type new things in there but when i save it and load the game it gives me a error message. So any way to edit ridings?
  8. did this ever get finished...if so send to mike7000yo@aol.com
  9. Can you send to mike7000yo@aol.com thanks ~
  10. I want to create a news scenario for a (rather odd idea) polar republic country. It would include five states in the new "Polar Republic". The states would be Alaska, Yukon, East Arctic (now Northwest Territories), Nunavut, and Greenland. I like this idea but have no idea how to create a scenario because i don't have "Campaigns Forever"
  11. I seriously love this idea but "facist party" wouldn't work. Usually far-right parties hide there "facism" in words like "freedom", "nationalism" or "People's Party". Also what will this be for I only have Prime minsiter britian and canada.
  12. will this ever take place. I love new scenarios
  13. Hey i want a canadian copy Please send to mike7000yo@aol.com Thanks
  14. BUt how do you edit and create .p4e files when i cant open them. And from that point I have no idea whats inside them at all?
  15. Hi, I am fairly new but i have three games Chancerllor, Canadian and british Prime Ministers. I also have most of the free scenarios but dont know how to create my own. Can someone help? I dont have the "click and point" campaigns forever, so how easy or hard would it be to create an scenario? And would anyone be willing to help?
  16. LOLOL LIKE I SAID. LOL I USED CURRENCY TO GET IT so should he lol its a very good and developed game. not one of my favs at first but with the scenarios that are good it's one of the best
  17. I bought it....With currency. And i think you mean Germany right or no?
  18. Hi, im technically new but i wanna help make a scenario for the British game or something. I have an idea for a independent Alaskan country and an independent Hawaii country. Any ideas. Or first how you make a scenario. Lol. Any help would be much appreciated thanks
  19. I now the "engines" are different between games but I really want to play the USA NY Gubernatorial 2010 election but i don't have that game. Will it work on Canada-PM forever, British-PM, or Chancellor forever? THanks
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