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  1. Anyone have a copy? Please send to mike7000yo@aol.com please! I'm really excited about the recent EuroParl elections
  2. @LordBeckett send me those campaigns mike7000yo@aol.com <--- thanks
  3. I'd like to know too! Please send me them.
  4. Can an experienced editor look at my files, I have them all completed, but the game won't load. I get "The system cannot find the file specified". Any help will be amazing! If you want to help please message!
  5. // scenario variables // campaign name Jefferson High Student Council elections - 2013 // campaign blurb Jefferson High School is a northern New York, nationally acclaimed, school in the International Baccalaureate program. The school is noted for its diversity of students, programs, and high academic standards. The school is also host to yearly student council elections which are noted even in the local media. The students have a total of five parties to choose from. The incumbent Progressive Democrats are being called out for the failed handling of a local carnival, but otherwise are pop
  6. So i'm going to get President forever 2008 but to what extent does Campaigns forever work like can I make first past the post scenarios for Prime Minister forever?
  7. OMG THIS IS MY FAVORITE NATION! IF someone has this pleaase send it to mike7000yo@aol.com I will be so thankful!
  8. did anyone ever get this. send it to mike7000yo@aol.com
  9. i dont think you understand. I messed up once on the Greater London scenario, and now i can't play it at all. I've re-downloaded it several times and nothing. So basically what your saying is then i would have to manually re-do the entire thing again? thats insane...
  10. random third update I tried saving the ridings for "greater london 2006" and "Bc 1975" and it broke both those scenarios and each time i try to re-download them they are also broken. so this thing kinda messed things up.
  11. no one ever sends these anymore :/ but if you do have them send them to mike7000yo@aol.com
  12. if its done send it to mike7000yo@aol.com
  13. tell us where that copy is I so want to play this (email - mike7000yo@aol.com)
  14. I dont think anyone got the copy, or even has it. IF they do...Send it to mike7000yo@aol.com
  15. Hey Hamish are you actually gonna make this, it woudl be aweesome!!! Some opinions, Justin Trudeau isn't in the same class as the progressives in that class, he'd be more in line with Barack Obama or centrsits. Muclair would be with Hollande and such. Also Tony Blair wouldn't be with them either, he's a notorious third-way centrist who, as a Progressive/Socialist like me, repulses me and is a centrist, should be with Obama in the Centrist Party. Thats also something else that we've seen in these scenarios that people always group Merkel/Cameron/Obama with each other, more or less they are act
  16. We should make a celebrity edition anyway there was a thread awhile back that had all this
  17. Dan Rad has recently said he doesn't support the LibDems because of their coalition. Hes now for labour
  18. Dude i haven't gotten a copy yet either...pleases send to mike7000yo@aol.com
  19. I want a 2008 engine one if it still works with the 2012 either idk jsut send it. mike7000yo@aol.com please send it.
  20. can you send that scenario to mike7000yo@aol.com please I wanted to play a 2015 scenario!!!! Thanks!
  21. this seems like a great scenario, if fixed mike7000yo@aol.com
  22. The downloaded zipped folder had nothing inside XD and I have the k4e versions but don't like them, I like the FPTP British versions... if anyone has them
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