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  1. did anyone ever get this. send it to mike7000yo@aol.com
  2. i dont think you understand. I messed up once on the Greater London scenario, and now i can't play it at all. I've re-downloaded it several times and nothing. So basically what your saying is then i would have to manually re-do the entire thing again? thats insane...
  3. random third update I tried saving the ridings for "greater london 2006" and "Bc 1975" and it broke both those scenarios and each time i try to re-download them they are also broken. so this thing kinda messed things up.
  4. actually how do i use this, and it's purpose I thought with it you could add or edit ridings, but apparently no. I want to edit "greater London local elections 2006", when i click on it I get a screen with something that says - "31" with two things underneath, "//start date without primaries". and "//year numeric" having no idea what these do or create how would I use this and create or edit scenarios.
  5. I just found this. I love you Admin270 xD
  6. Is an american political junkie

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