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  1. Can I get a link on how to do the update? I have the original PE2020
  2. I've won with Rand Paul and Sanders. Closest I've ever gotten with a third party was Bloomberg won 155 EV
  3. What's the best site to follow results for these counties?
  4. The hospitals here are filling up because alot of people from rural communities get transferred here as the state has an insufficient amount of hospitals. CNN had an embarrassing segment about a rural town in my state. The residents said anyone they see wearing a mask they automatically assume that person is a Democrat.
  5. Trump very well could win PA election night problem is that's before mail in votes are counted.
  6. 34 Political science degree from Kansas University Government employee Right Libertarian Never taken it
  7. I could see Trump almost running the table on those states needed but falling short in PA by 4-5%
  8. I've heard alot about this and was pretty young when the whole Florida 2000 thing happened. What judges exactly have say in what votes get thrown out is it state judges? What % is a safe % of victory? Say Biden wins PA by 3-4% is that a sace margain of victory or is that enough where it could go to Trump by getting ballots thrown out?
  9. DMR has Trump up 7% in Iowa. @Hestia11weeps
  10. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-fauci-warning-idUSKCN21V25Z
  11. That's not exactly true. Trump did follow the task forces recommendations.
  12. Our foreign policy is what caused 9-11 and has led to the instability in the middle east.
  13. So tell me this..... does that mean that sort of line of thinking is wrong? I feel in this country part of the problem is when we think outside the box = wrong it's easier to just support a party line of thinking because let's be honest those who claim to think outside the box are usually conspiracy theorist with some bat shit crazy line of thinking.
  14. I voted 80% Biden. What concerns me the most is while Trumps handling of the pandemic I continually hear what Biden will do about it and really the only difference is the attitude in which they speak. Neither obviously can cure the virus and more rapid testing is good but it's not going to stop it so that's kind of a 0 to me. However with the recent stories of some of the ugly things Trump got away with you can argue he did it before he was president and there is no proof a Biden administration would do anything to change that and it's not just Trump but government interference helped create sleezeballs like Trump and I'm sure hundreds if not thousands more. Also another puzzling thing on this board is seeing the cheering of both establishments that tend to have neo-conservative thinking on foreign policy and without question Biden will return us to that which in the long run only makes the country that much more unsafen
  15. Can you be more specific?
  16. Stocks just had its worst week since March big yikes
  17. If this is true it's over. He absolutely needs OH,NC, and FL just to have a chance.
  18. You're still a silly Canadian
  19. Missouri is MO. Silly Canadian needs to learn his state abbreviations!
  20. If this is true it could be huge for Trump but as the other thread mentioned about those bellweathers I'm assuming those are mostly white counties which will give us a good idea of how the turnout will go. I see Trump polling better with minorities which to me doesnt nessecarily mean alot as historically the turnout for those groups has been lower.
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