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  1. His call out of RCP is strange because they are more accurate than he is. He dismisses them because they use crappy polls like Rassmussen. However if you look at more reliable polls they are showing that swing states like PA are now within the margain of error.
  2. Trump now within the margin of error in PA
  3. Looks like any other corporatist president.
  4. The polling for Biden in PA should be a little concerning. Explains why Obama will be campaigning there.
  5. Lmao. Under that scenario Trump wins right?
  6. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trump-dismisses-pandemic-rips-fauci-disaster-campaign-staff/story?id=73697476
  7. Looking at the polls there Trump has remained close throughout. Not sure how much it matters but Biden didnt exactly do a great job there during the primaries.
  8. Yeah and he crushes the debate by shutting up and let Biden talk. For the first time all campaign Biden and Harris opened themselves up to some controversy because they were allowed to speak and are walking a tight line trying to win over Independents and keep the Bernie base IE: Packing the courts, fracking, green new deal, etc.
  9. The polls have been doing this for months. Also the FBI reopened up a case vs Clinton and you saw her poll numbers decline all the way up to the election. Do we think that will happen with Biden? Another thing Bidens favorables are way better than Clinton's. Biden won primaries without even campaigning and spending money in particular states. Those were some of the same states Bernie defeated Clinton in. Trumps best chance was to keep his base and win over Independents. His base is loyal and wasnt leaving no matter what. He spent most of the last year kissing their ass and driving away In
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