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  1. Can I get a link on how to do the update? I have the original PE2020
  2. I've won with Rand Paul and Sanders. Closest I've ever gotten with a third party was Bloomberg won 155 EV
  3. What's the best site to follow results for these counties?
  4. The hospitals here are filling up because alot of people from rural communities get transferred here as the state has an insufficient amount of hospitals. CNN had an embarrassing segment about a rural town in my state. The residents said anyone they see wearing a mask they automatically assume that person is a Democrat.
  5. Trump very well could win PA election night problem is that's before mail in votes are counted.
  6. 34 Political science degree from Kansas University Government employee Right Libertarian Never taken it
  7. I could see Trump almost running the table on those states needed but falling short in PA by 4-5%
  8. I've heard alot about this and was pretty young when the whole Florida 2000 thing happened. What judges exactly have say in what votes get thrown out is it state judges? What % is a safe % of victory? Say Biden wins PA by 3-4% is that a sace margain of victory or is that enough where it could go to Trump by getting ballots thrown out?
  9. DMR has Trump up 7% in Iowa. @Hestia11weeps
  10. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-fauci-warning-idUSKCN21V25Z
  11. That's not exactly true. Trump did follow the task forces recommendations.
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