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  1. Shes an awful candidate and terrible person
  2. The MN polling has been interesting
  3. I thought he was the only one to hit it out of the park?
  4. Republicans have the only politician to hit a home run during the annual congressional baseball game. Can you name that person who hit the HR?
  5. ABC isnt even trying with polling at this point. Biden +17 in WI? LOL
  6. Yeah but the thread is about results a week away.
  7. With the caveat that PA is only decided by a few points and possibly goes to the courts.
  8. You mean that pinning Biden down on fracking where he either loses voters in PA or some of his more liberal voters depending on which position he takes and making an argument regarding what to do on COVID is actually a good strategy that makes people decide on who to vote for might have actually been a better strategy than floating out some conspiracy story about a laptop randomly recovered?
  9. Now that Billay has gotten a vote I expect to take this site to court if I dont become a moderator.
  10. Unpopular opinion: everyone stop bitching if you dont like them put them on ignore and let's keep it moving.
  11. McCain 2008 was pretty bad he was really out of touch and his choice of Palin compounded that.
  12. That Marianne one is going to be worth alot some day
  13. What did I do? I haven't gotten into it with anyone since the conventions.
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