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  1. Can you share this to me? keiooz@yahoo.com
  2. I've been thinking where to start between Peacekeeping and War on Terror... Any suggestions?
  3. I agree though there are some trick that needs to be done depending on the scenario..
  4. I am interested on what will it come up. I could help as well.
  5. Right. I will definitely anticipate for this one..
  6. I just learned about this Goofy scenario a week ago. Will you still pursue this one? It would be great once you get it started.
  7. I've been a taker once for this scenario. How is it these days?
  8. Any good update on this so far since couple of months have passed..
  9. I guess noone does it yet.. Were you able to create yours?
  10. It seems like fun. I will check this one out and do it later on. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I also need it. Thanks for sharing the map.
  12. In North Carolina, this law has just been banned by voters.
  13. Same here. I am definitely glad to help.. keiooz@yahoo.com
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