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  1. I very much enjoy this scenario; one suggestion I have is the title; I think more Romanized titles, like Consul instead of President, Praetor for VP, and other little fluff like that, would be better suited. For percentages, it all seems fine, nicely balanced, and just fun in general.
  2. I would also very much enjoy playing that 1900 scenario! lrdvdr2007@yahoo.com
  3. We could make Helen Keller a crusader for Eugene Debs... she hated Wilson and campaigned for Debs, I do believe. So how's this going? Need anything?
  4. Title: Fmr. Mayor Name: Henry D. Sullivan Age: 62 Party: Democratic Political Influence Points: 20 State: Wisconsin County: Dane Starting Funds: 1,000,000 Description: Henry Sullivan is famous, or perhaps infamous, in the city of Madison, which he served as Mayor for twelve years. Considered heavy-handed, ruthless, but charismatic and dynamic enough to maintain support (plus having connections to both organized crime and union heads), he practically ruled Madison as a king during his administration; he chose his successor, John Reynolds, and has served as a City Councilman for the past
  5. I played the 1860 election as Sam Houston and the Constitutional Union Party. I took a quick, and unbeatable, lead in the primaries; the general election, though was less clear-cut. On the last day of the campaign, it looked like this… Sam Houston/ Edward Everett (CUP) - 36.4% popular vote, 112 votes Abraham Lincoln/ Edward Bates (GOP) - 25%, 105 Stephen Douglas/ Benjamin Fitzpatrick (DEM) - 13.9%, 0 John Breckinridge/ Daniel Dickenson (SDM) - 23.1%, 45 Undecided - 1.5%, 39 Throughout the campaign, Breckinridge and Houston raised the most money, whist Douglas never seemed to raise much
  6. Title: Mr. Name: Richard Jarvis Age: 32 Party: Libertarian Political Influence Points: 5 State: Pennsylvania County: Adams Starting Funds: $225,000 Description: A small-business owner and libertarian activist from Gettysburg, Richard Jarvis has announced his bid for the governorship. He is charismatic and known for his honesty, but outside of hometown, he's virtually unheard of; his lack of experience is another concerning issue for the gubernatorial hopeful. Avatar: Gary Johnson How Well Known: Very Low Established: 3 Leadership: 3 Integrity: 5 Experience: 2 Issues: 3 Charisma
  7. I think they're both on the scenario page at 270soft...
  8. These all sound great! I've played 1789, 1824,'28, '32, and '48, and I've loved them all! Really, I have nothing to contribute, I just wanted to bump and attract a tiny bit of interest... and hope I can get these emailed to me ( lrdvdr2007@yahoo.com, btw...)
  9. Probably proportional would be better; it would definitely help spread out the delegates (rather than two or three major candidates dominant, there would be a better divide), then the move of delegates could be more realistic... at least it would lead to some interesting results!
  10. Good points, and as for 1948, it might be difficult to simulate the surprise victory Truman had, unless you put in some big momentum boosters for in at the end (of course, that could make it biased against the Republican... then again, since Dewey was expected to win by 20 or more points, it probably would just the race closer, and more balanced, rather than unfairly biased towards one side or the either). Do you know what you might need for that, so we can just start scouring the interwebz for data and other arcane niceties.
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