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  1. I very much enjoy this scenario; one suggestion I have is the title; I think more Romanized titles, like Consul instead of President, Praetor for VP, and other little fluff like that, would be better suited. For percentages, it all seems fine, nicely balanced, and just fun in general.
  2. I played the 1860 election as Sam Houston and the Constitutional Union Party. I took a quick, and unbeatable, lead in the primaries; the general election, though was less clear-cut. On the last day of the campaign, it looked like this… Sam Houston/ Edward Everett (CUP) - 36.4% popular vote, 112 votes Abraham Lincoln/ Edward Bates (GOP) - 25%, 105 Stephen Douglas/ Benjamin Fitzpatrick (DEM) - 13.9%, 0 John Breckinridge/ Daniel Dickenson (SDM) - 23.1%, 45 Undecided - 1.5%, 39 Throughout the campaign, Breckinridge and Houston raised the most money, whist Douglas never seemed to raise much
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