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  1. I'd like to see multiple autosaves; it'd really help out when the game crashes/savefile gets corrupted (I just had a bluescreen happen, and the autosave was unable to open). Perhaps autosave, oldautosave, etc.
  2. My Nikki Haley 2016 campaign went the same way - nailed down a bunch, but Bush got most of the endorsements - no one with a clear majority. Plus, I think endorsements are affected by relationships, which can be hurt by "stealing" states, running attack ads, etc. Plus, sometimes the AI is just better planning long-term. I know I tend to get short-sighted around Super Tuesday. Of course the AI does, too, which is why I go for long shots just after ST.
  3. 2.0.3. Bought it earlier this week.
  4. In the "theme" and "surrogates" pop-up windows in PI, the map behind it shows through. It's unsightly and annoying, and it seems pretty easy to miss and to fix.
  5. I know Trump is worth ~$4.1 billion, but how much of that is "liquid" that he can pour into his campaign?
  6. In PF 2016, Senator Inouye is listed as an endorser form Hawaii, despite having been dead since 2012.
  7. Happened just a couple of times - I got it to work. I am using the original scenario. I haven't updated to the lastest version because the file won't freaking open. Edit: It just took 15 minutes to open for some reason.
  8. I'd like to see an update process that doesn't require an e-mail and me guessing which of the three versions listed therein is the updated one.
  9. Running my first campaign, Hillary wins against Christie, but after election night is over...nothing. I can't click on the game all of the sudden, and when I open the task manager to end it, I'm informed that the program is awaiting a response from me. Anyone else (of the five people who appear to play this) have this problem?
  10. fenisnad@gmail.com I'd download it through the site, but quite frankly I don't see how. It just directs me to download the whole game again.
  11. I'd like to see ads attacking more than one candidate (attacking everybody else). I'd also like to see internet advertising as an option, with it perhaps being much cheaper and with a smaller impact. Also, I think better error fixing and tech support would make the game more accessable. The known errors page tells you how to fix most things yourself, but a lot of people are wary of tinkering with software in any way for fear of breaking it.
  12. I managed to win the nomination as Paul in the 2012 scenario bundled with the 2008 version. Romney was disabled. Cain managed, despite the scandal, to get over 900 delegates before fizzling; Paul managed to snag around 200 delegates as he fizzled, but Cain had a comeback before sinking again. Gingrich endorsed Perry, which put Perry even with Cain; I had around 300 delegates. Cain's momentum, however, was crap, and the few wins I managed to squeeze in gave me enough to score his endorsement a couple weeks before convention. A few weeks into general election season and I have just 15-16%. Came
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