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  1. This is a scenario I am creating for the current polcan round. Due to the nature of govsims where government collapse quite easily and no likes waiting for elections forever the fixed elections term was moved in game by the admin to 2013, so there is two year parliaments. Party leaders. Conservatives. Daniel Broderick PM, current prime minister to the right of steven harper. Kelliher McCaul, blue tory. New Democrats Brian Appel, current leader though inactive and in the process of being removed I thought id include him anyway. Athony Wittrock, slightly to the left of the leader. came second in the leadership contest. Got the most player endorsements. Clair Thomas, not to sure, ran quite a middle of the road campaign withdrew and endorsed Appel. Paul Kowalsky, not to sure, cant remeber if he endorsed Wittrock or Appel Malachi Coombes (moi), on the left of the NDP, sits in democratic socialist caucus. Liberals Richard Hawert, not to sure was acclaimed so not to sure where in the liberal party to place him. Stockholm James, the active liberal deputy leader on the right of the party imho.
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