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  1. This has absolutely got to be the most disproportional election I've ever had from this game - I feel rather proud of it! I also did some mock Wikipedia-esque graphics to go with it to show more detail than just the final election night screen, so I hope you like it
  2. Hi everyone, I've attached a 1972 federal election that I've made - it's 99% done and works well if I do say so myself. Only thing really missing is issues - any help from anyone with more knowledge than me of that era's issues would be great! Hope you all enjoy! Canada - 1972.zip
  3. I notice that in both PMI Canada and UK, there are endorsers with +5 momentum bonuses and if one has run a good campaign, getting a lot of endorsers in the last few days does massively increase momentum, in some cases to +30ish. Coupled with ads targeted at the opposition, this makes for a pretty surefire way of ensuring overly large majorities. This could probably be toned down a bit. Probably unrelated but this seems a good a place as any to mention it, but in the Australia 2016 campaign, it seems abnormally easy to win a very large majority regardless of if I'm playing Liberal or Labo
  4. I hope there's now an opportunity to play around and make them less boring, static and predictable! We've got scenarios for the largest provinces now and I like the idea of having more provincial scenarios so I thought I would start with the smallest (although certainly not the easiest to make a map of!)
  5. willpaddyg

    PEI 2015

    Hi everyone, I've made a PMI Canada scenario for Prince Edward Island 2015, including a map made from scratch thanks to the incredibly helpful tutorial posted a few weeks back. I believe this would be the first PEI campaign in 270soft/TheorySpark history, from a quick browse of the Campaigns site and the forum, as well as being the first scenario I've created completely from scratch. I have attached it to this post in case you'd like to have a look at it and I hope to be able to post it on the campaigns site soon. It's missing PEI-specific issues and positions, as well as surrogates, at t
  6. That was from starting in the primaries, I've just run through the General only and it seems to be alright. I have, however, noticed that Dan Quayle's name is misspelt in the VP list when starting the General Election.
  7. I've just downloaded the 1988 scenario and went through it as an observer - it's good although I saw something I've never seen before: on election night, the New Alliance got negative votes in Virginia (-8,847 to be exact) which is a little odd.
  8. I might be wrong but given the similarities in the game engine, it might be possible for the campaign made for PMI Canada to just work in PMI UK without any changes. Either way, I'm very much looking forward to this scenario.
  9. Is there any chance of this? Perhaps uploading it to the 270soft Campaigns site?
  10. The filedropper link doesn't work anymore - any chance of another way to download as I'd love to try this and see what's in store for 2012 and 2016!
  11. The link to filedropper doesn't work, I get redirected to the homepage. Is there any chance you could upload this to the 270soft campaigns site?
  12. It might be because the pictures for the issues in the issue_images folder are named for the 2012/6 images. If that is the problem, just rename the images and make sure the IDs for the issues are consistent with the names of the images. That was the problem with the 1972 scenario made by SANC and I was changing all the names just today. If that's not it, e-mail 270soft. I hope you get it solved, it sounds like a good scenario!
  13. I've put all your files in, but I'm getting an acess violation error. Could you send the scenario to me so I have the whole thing complete? goddardwp@gmail.com
  14. Really good scenario, the only thing I've noticed is that the New York Primary date is 03/07/2012 instead of 2000.
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