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  1. bump, i would like this secanario, nomerduck@gmail.com i simply must have any secnario where israel is included, there is a big lack of them.
  2. what's the difference between the new and old version?
  3. actualy, it is get. but i just noticed it. lol.
  4. i'll be happy to get it when it done for nomerduck@gmail.com
  5. your'e right, he is able to hide his bad job very well. i think he should be Leadership 3, integrity 4, issue familitary 3 (remember this is the world, and obama isn't so good about Foreign relations), charistma 5, stamina 4, debating 3.
  6. is there any israel elections secnario for p4e 2008? if there's no such a secnario, can anyone think about making one? i can help with everything about the partys and candidates.
  7. i'd like both secnarion, too. nomerduck@gmail.com
  8. i don't think burqas is a world wide issue, but the others are great idea. the israeli-arabian conflict should probably fit in only one issue, and system of goverment can be interesting too. somethink like far left will be communism, far right anarchia or dictaturism, and the other will be capitalism and socialysm in few levels.
  9. thanks, i'll try it! and just interesting, how did you know about julian castro? i mean, he must be unknown politician now.
  10. maby you should make a list of the partys and candidates so far, just for comfort.
  11. realy, just think about abbas in the same party as obama- this will never happen.
  12. i didn't saied that they souldn't be together, i saied that mahmud abbas shouldn't be in the same party as they are and that the secnario needs a republican candidate.
  13. that's right, but just try to imagine obama and cameron in the same party as him. this won't happen. he is like erdogan- how much extrimist or not extrimist he is- this is debateable. but he is more fit in one of the muslim partys, he will never be in the same party with american leader- his peoples just won't let him stay a leader.
  14. well, what's up with mahmud abbas? what party will he be? and what about a republican candidate? i realy think this is just logical usa will have 2 candidates like germany and canada, and while usa having only obama (and in 2016 there will be another president), germany got 2, canada got 2 and uk got 3.
  15. what about murssi and ardogan? they are importent leaders for islam too, no? and like the idea of primaries between ahmadinijad and khaminai, this can be fun.
  16. nomerduck@gmail.com i'll be glad to get this.
  17. are you serious? mahmud abbas can't be in the same party with obama and cameron. this is just un-real. you may think he is liberal, but you can't put him with western world leaders. this is non-acceptable. like putting benjamin netanyhu with ardougun. and what about more american candidate? there is only one. maby a repubblican candidate in the united conservative party?
  18. i realy think you shouldn't post it now. many pictures are missing, there is no description and more. i know this is un finnished, but i think you should finish it first. althrough, i like the idea and wish you will counteniue the secnario.
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