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  1. Heh. From what I've seen so far, most people on this website hate Ron Paul. But, nice game though. Is 2012 better than 2008?
  2. For example, how well did you do with players like Dennis Kucinich or Al Sharpton without modifying anything?
  3. Yeah I saw that one. Very surprised how easily you can play as Lieberman. Still pretty challenging and I would have lost if I didn't get lucky with Dean.
  4. Okay, so I've never actually played the 2004 election. So I decide to play as Lieberman my first time. I decided to head to New Hampshire first then Iowa so I could build up enough of a lead to win at least one. After ahead in New Hampshire, I moved on over to Iowa to gain momentum. I ended up winning both NH and Iowa which gave me a huge boost in momentum. Lieberman's stamina is rather low, so about mid way in the election I started asking for Endorsement from the lower tier candidates to make up for not being able to campaign in certain states due to low EP. (Clark, Sharpton, etc.) Later on
  5. Not sure, I'm new to the game. Not sure what you mean by map. Does this help? http://www.digital-topo-maps.com/county-map/north-carolina-county-map.gif
  6. I don't know if there is a specific section for requests but I would like someone to make a North Carolina Gubernatorial.
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