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  1. I'm unsure if this has already been mentioned, but I think it would be otl campaigns, especially where an incumbent is running, could be modified. I try to play as different pols against Nixon in 1972 or Reagan in 1984 and I get the same steamrolled ending. It really doesn't help when my HQ takes a morale hit and I can't do anything about it. Even if Reagan isn't the computer opponent, the Democrat loses in a near landslide. Although I haven't tried with Harold Stassen or Ben Fernandez. At the very least an FAQ on modifying the scenario for the desire changes but not fubaring it
  2. A solution for "NAN is not a valid currency"
  3. A little off-topic, but I think one great way to have salvaged the show would have been having francis never come out of his coma. Then Claire maneuvers her into the vice presidency and usurps the office from Blythe, if he gets elected.
  4. So what other states or territories might not belong to the Union under this premise? So far I've eliminated West Virginia but kept Kentucky and Missouri. Here's some changes to otl: 13th amendment frees slaves in the north too. Lincoln barely wins reelection, with Daniel Dickinson as his running mate. Lincoln still assassinated, Dickinson and his successor bungles things and civil war continues into 1866. Grant attends Ford's Theater as well and dies when he tackles Booth off the balcony. South wins independence with a Korean War like armistice, later amended into a lasti
  5. So I tried paint and the end result was decent until I imported the map and made changes. But it was utter chaos after that. I enclosed the map below before it was added to PI. noreunionmap.bmp
  6. 1. Both 2. A series of the Union after losing the civil war, going from 1868 to at least 2020. For now, only the otl confederacy is absent from the election maps. I have an example below. Anyway, obviously removing the south causes some electoral problems such as one party absolutely dominating the election. Right now I am just doing experimental elections to test this out before it gets more elaborate. Such as ''drafting'' non-otl candidates, bringing in women and minority candidates early, and modding or creating new major political parties (currently researching defunct polit
  7. I have a couple of questions relating to editing. 1. How can I make new states? Like for example, taking southern Oregon and northern California to make the proposed state of Jefferson? 2. Is it possible to change a state from one political column to a different one? I'm modding some scenarios that have less or more states and need to balance the parties.
  8. Has anyone attempted to make a map based on the US at the end of Turtledove's Southern Victory series? I'm curious because I'd like to try to do some SV-influenced Pres Infinity games and don't know how to make a good map of the US + most of Canada and some of Mexico -Texas.
  9. I'm a male, and since I can't find anything to age one of my pics, I just picked the one below. Oh and my rl name is Steve Almond
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