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  1. Title: Vice President

    Name: Henry Raymond

    Age: 63

    Party: Republican

    Political Influence Points: 25

    State: Michigan

    County: Wayne

    Starting Funds: 15,000,000

    Description: Henry Raymond has served the past eight years as Richard Slattery’s Vice President. Prior to being elected to the Vice Presidency is 2004 he served three terms in the United States Senate and served 2 terms as the Governor of Michigan. Does Henry Raymond have what it takes to win the White House? Or will his close connections with President Slattery ruin his chances?

    Avatar: Robert Wagner http://www.celebs101.com/gallery/Robert_Wagner/200802/Robert_Wagner_3.jpg

    How Well Known: 5

    Established: 5


    Integrity: 3

    Experience: 4

    Issues: 3

    Charisma: 3

    Stamina: 3

    Debating: 3

    Basic Political Views: Moderate on social issues but fiscally conservative.

    Crusaders: Jackie Raymond, 0 pips 3 power

    Senator from Michigan Bill McKay 1 pips 4 power

    Speaker of the House Tom Everett 3 pips 6 power

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