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  1. But if you merge Pat Robertson and Jesse Jackson you get: Jackson Roberts, which is a pretty awesome name.
  2. Lost New Hampshire and Maine, yet took Indiana and Arkansas.
  3. I can't remember exactly, but since the Democrats controlled the House at that time I imagine Cuomo was picked. Was playing as Perot, and I think Bush won Florida over me by about 1-2%. Would have been nice to win that, not that it wouldn't have made a difference, but y'know.
  4. After my '92 Cuomo-Bush-Perot match up awhile back, I can't take Cuomo seriously anymore.
  5. Recently, I haven't had a lot of close matches. Either I win in a landslide, or lose by a large margin, so when this happened it was kind of cool. Poor Jon Huntsman, though. Won in Iowa somehow, won New Hampshire, but then diminished in to nothingness very quickly.
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