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  1. I ran as Rick Perry. I won Iowa narrowly while Romney easily won New Hampshire and Cain won South Carolina. After Gingrich won Florida, Romney lost his momementum and I exploited that to a narrow loss over Romney in Nevada and Michigan while winning Arizona. Romney did win Washington State but I countered with a win in Colorado while Pawlenty won Minnesota. There was a three way split between me (Perry) with Cain and Romney on Super Tuesday. I then picked up positive momentum and got the endorsements of Gingrich, Pawlenty and Bachmann as they dropped out. Santorum decided to endorse Romney, t
  2. Besides the recount option, I thought of a few more ideas. 1) Allow a player to offer the VP slot if their combined delegate totals are a majority. Offering a VP slot AFTER winning the nomination offers little strategic value. Of course, if it isn't possible, running with a VP candidate in the primaries could be done. After all, Ronald Reagan chose Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania as his designated VP pick in the 1976 primary race. 2) Have the DNC superdelegates/RNC automatic delegates remain uncommitted or fluid during the race. Allow a candidate to sway and poach uncommitted delegates and
  3. I ran as John C. Breckinridge in the 1860 scanario. Being unopposed for the nomination, I began by honing my issue knowledge and debate skills as well as building up my campaign organisation. I eventually get John Bell to drop out and endorse me. An immediate effect of this is that the states where the Constitution Union became solid or safe states for me. After a while, I use up a lot of PIP's to get Stephen A. Douglas to accept the Vice Presidential slot despite him being the prohibitive favourite for the Democrat nomination. This leaves Senator Robert R.T. Hunter as the Democratic nomine
  4. How, praytell, were you able to get Pat Schroeder to win the nomination? Did you turn off any candidates or turned them all on or what? Also, did you get the endorsements of other candidates? I would be very interested in reading the backstory of a Schroeder victory!
  5. I run as John Edwards. Dodd wins Iowa and Bayh wins New Hampshire. I start spending early and releasing scandals on Clinton. After a little while, Dodd, Bayh and the others drop out leaving Edwards (me), Clinton and Obama. I win most of the remaining states but Clinton has some late victories. I finish with 31.6% support versus Clinton's 31.7% and Obama's 36.7%. However, I have a narrow plurality of delegates (~1,400) with Obama finishing with 9 more delegates than Clinton. I earlier used some PIP's to attain the endorsement of Mike Huckabee, a straggler still in the race despite Giuliani hav
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