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  1. This could never happen in real life, and yet it was a great game... I turned Perry and Romney off, Palin, Christie and Huckabee on, and the primaries would have been a Palin landslide after her victories in Iowa and New Hampshire if Gingrich hadn't stopped her in Florida, Christie in Nevada and myself in Minnesota and Colorado. After winning the primaries right after Illinois, I decided to focus on Pennsylvania and the Pacific Coast instead of launching everything into Ohio, Virginia and Iowa (Florida and North Carolina went republican pretty quickly). Choosing Mitt Romney as the VP, sending
  2. Well, after trying some combinations in the GSS scenario I decided to try the 1972 scenario, where I had one of the most curious results I have ever seen... I decided to fight the General Election with George Wallace (assuming he doesn't get shot) vs Richard Nixon, and since the GE is set to be the real-life Nixon landslide, I was weak in the South (somewhat ironic) and my fighting chances were in the northern states and Nixon's homestate of Califonia. After getting most of the endorsements, I sent my troops to finish the President, which leaded me to victory at election night. The results, ho
  3. Well, if I'm not mistaken, you can find the link here: http://alternatehistory.net/discussion/showthread.php?t=208277&page=47 Great timeline, great scenario!
  4. I decided to play the new "1996 - Giant Sucking Sound" scenario playing as Bob Dole (with Carrol Campbell turned off and Pat Buchanan turned on). Buchanan edged me out in Alaska and Iowa, but I conquered New Hampshire with over 45% of the vote. After defeating Buchanan in South Carolina I was the frontrunner, and both Forbes/Schwarzkopf endorsed me, while Buchanan, Lugar and Alexander retired, allowing me to beat both Wilson and Gramm. President Ross Perot annihilated Vice President Jerry Brown (I turned him on just for fun) within a month, and Sam Nunn battled Paul Wellstone for the Democrat
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