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    I just downloaded the new version and loaded up one of the saves that would always give me a crash upon advancing a day, and it worked! So far so good. I will update later as I try it on other saves.
  2. This is a cool cool idea for a scenario.
  3. Cras


    Well, I am not sure about the candidate thing, but it crashes when ever there is a primary. I have to continually save, and I was able to get around some of the earlier ones to progress my campaign now to the Louisiana GOP primary, and find my game now stuck there, as I cannot proceed without another address crash. I have yet to get to a single general election as I always run into this issue that cripples the game.
  4. Cras


    It seems to me the bugs I see are related to when a candidate is taken out of the race.
  5. Cras


    I am getting an unacceptable amount of crashes with this game. Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000 sometimes loading a saved game will let me get past the day where the game crashes, sometimes it doesnt. And I cannot tell you how annoying and frustrating it is to spend so much time in a campaign to then have the thing unable to progress because of errors like this.
  6. a career mode. What this means to me is I pick a candidate, run for President. Chances are, I don't get the nomination, but then I can work an try and get my party's nominee elected. If he is, then I get a bit of a bump to my own status, be it integrity, organiziation, whatever. Then in 4 or 8 more years depending (or I guess give me the ability to run against an incumbant in the primaries), my candidate is a better candidate from running previously. Hopefully I am better enough to win. Then face re-election. Not sure how implementing the actual Presidency could work without turning thi
  7. Cras


    it seems my question has already be discussed about in one form or another.
  8. Cras


    Is there a scenario released or one in progress that is British Prime Minister?
  9. For those vets out there, I get a list index out of bounds (-1) error. Where would this come from?
  10. I am trying to make something along those lines but the legislature is not the US Senate but a generic body with 70 seats. The only problem is getting the map to work. I just can't seem to figure that one out. When I load the scenario all that happens is error messages about the initilize riding data (can't find province) and the map won't load. Haven't figured out where the bug is.
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