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  1. I second this, especially with Stephen Harper! *Canadian bias coming into play*
  2. Thank you. For some reason, I was under the misconception that this scenario assumed Romney won. Looking back, I realized that is not necessarily the case.
  3. If I am not mistaken (and it is quite possible that I am), Romney was (in this scenario) not running for re-election (unless I missed him, I just looked briefly). Any reason for that?
  4. All amazing ideas. When I heard about this scenario, my first thought was how cool this would be. My second thought was that a Mass Effect Scenario would be amazingly cool as well *ahem ahem* O:) Unfortunately, I have no experience at making scenarios...
  5. This sounds amazing, I am a fan of Oblivion. Unfortunately, I do not have PF08...maybe consider a PF2012 one after the full version comes out?
  6. I recently downloaded both the Russia 2012 and France 2012 election scenarios for President Forever 2012. Unfortunately...I cannot get either of the scenarios to work. Clearly the problem is not in the scenarios, but, rather, it is something wrong on my end. I was wondering if anyone could help me...I have the latest version of President Forever 2012, I downloaded the scenarios and I unzipped them to my desktop. Following that, I copied the scenario folders and pasted them inside the 'Scenarios' folder in the President Forever 2012 game. I then start up the game, and I am able to select e
  7. Hm, interesting, I would like to give it a try as well. chris_mcfarlane17@hotmail.com
  8. President Forever 2012, medium difficulty, primaries on. So close, maybe next time.
  9. I would be interested in this, but alas, I don't have Congress Forever 2010 Only Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2011.
  10. Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2011 is way too easy. On the hardest difficulty with all parties on, and as the Conservatives, I managed to get over 97% of the seats.
  11. In the Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2011 game (which is actually ridiculously easy, even on the hardest mode [so easy it gets to the point where I am able to win over 97% of the seats on the hardest difficulty - granted, it is with the strongest party], perhaps this needs to be fixed) on easy mode I managed to form government with the Green Party of Canada which historically has never reached 10% of the vote and has failed to win a single seat every contested election except the last one where the leader managed to win their only seat.
  12. chris_mcfarlane17@hotmail.com
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