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  1. If anyone would be so kind as to email this to me; jack.emsley@hotmail.co.uk Thanks
  2. Don't suppose you could send the EU scenario to jack.emsley@hotmail.co.uk? Thanks
  3. OK, thanks for the advice, I'll try a reinstall And I was the Tories, gained 361 seats to Labours 247. 1979 was Thatcher's hardest election, as '83 and '87 were as easy as Blair's landslides in '97 and '01.
  4. I was recently playing Prime Minister forever (British) during the 1979 scenario. I completed the campaign, and the election night had finished. However, as soon as I went to save my highscore, it came up with an era message, saying "invalid pointer operation. This now happens on all of my scenarios on British Prime Minister forever, and I cannot save my highscores. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. Hope this is still around? jack.emsley@hotmail.co.uk
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