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  1. I would love to have this! hunterpeay12@yahoo.com thanks!
  2. Please send to me! hunterpeay12@yahoo.com Thanks!
  3. The four features I would most like to see is: 1. The ability to save election results to look at later 2. Ability to win the nomination by popular vote (for state and senate elections) 3. The ability to launch an independent campaign. 4. A "Primary Election Night" where the primary results are like election night. Thanks!
  4. Played as Gingrich. Won the Iowa Caucus by less than 1% than almost took out Romney in New Hampshire. Got beat in South Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, and Michigan. Took Maine and Arizona. On Super Tuesday, I took every state besides Texas, which Perry got. Romney soon become my only opponent and I walloped him from there on. Got Romney to endorse me and moved on to the general election. Choose Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval as my running mate. Ran strong ads on my leadership and attacked President Obama on his leadership. This, with a combination of a bad economy, lead to my
  5. Played the 2016 Presidential Election as Governor Schweitzer Tickets: Democrats: Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and Former Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe 298 Electoral Votes and 49.5% of the vote Republicans: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan 236 Electoral Votes and 40.7% of the vote Independents: Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee and Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist 4 Electoral Votes and 9.8% of the Vote http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/836/schweitzervschristievs.jpg/
  6. Hello everyone! I am new to these forums so how do I post a picture of my election results? Thanks!
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