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  1. - An option to designate a state as a swing state. This way you don't see states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, & Florida being declared solidly red/blue by mid-September despite the percentages being set even in the scenario. This option would keep those states competitive through at least mid-October and give them more media coverage. - POTUS approval ratings. These would affect the incumbent party. Also, the option to designate a candidate as the incumbent President as well. - Default state labels. Similar to the swing state option, it would save time when setting up scenarios if I could
  2. From a 2016 scenario I made that assumes an Obama re-election in 2012. The available candidates in order or status/chances at nomination: Republican Candidates: Senator John Thune, S.D. Senator Marco Rubio, FL. Governor Chris Christie, N.J. Governor Bobby Jindal, LA. Governor Bob McDonnell, VA. Governor Mitch Daniels, IN. Governor Sam Brownback, KS. Democratic Candidates: Senator Mark Warner, VA. Governor Andrew Cuomo, N.Y. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y. Fmr. Governor Tim Kaine, VA. Senator Kay Hagan, N.C. Senator Bob Casey, PA. Governor Martin O'Malley, MD. Optional Indepen
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