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  1. By the way I have suggestion: Could you make the candidates drop out sooner if they perform poorly? In the game, most of the candidates are still in the race through March and April while in real life they drop out in January and only 4 candidates left now.
  2. Yeah,tell us if there is any progress. We won't bite you or anything.
  3. Hey guys, Michele Bachmann withdrew from the race. Should we remove her? LOL Just kidding.
  4. I really wish they could give us an exact date for release though.
  5. Does this mean that if we are an owner of P4e 2008 that we will receive the p4e 2012 too?
  6. Do you need campaigns forever to make a governor scenario? And does anyone a have a California gubernatorial election scenario?
  7. I wonder why those women did not accuse him right away, instead of years later when he is frontrunner of race.
  8. I just thought of something great: Governor Forever That would be so fun. Don't you agree?
  9. I just hope 270 soft at least fixes the delegates problem. I played as Mitt Romney and lost because the delegates were all screwed up at the convention. Has anyone fixed this problem by the way?
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