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  1. That's half right. Without examining the vote share more carefully I can't be sure, but I suspect two things also played a significant part: 1) The SNP policy to encourage their voters to use both votes for SNP candidates. Given that a successful constituency vote effectively cancels the list vote out other parties had tended to work on the assumption people would use their list vote for a different party and campaigned on that basis, whereas the high list vote for the SNP was essential for their taking a majority overall (the cancelling out effect being a major reason people has suggested su
  2. Sounds like fun. If you were wanting to be realistic, I figure a date of around 2020 would make more sense, as you'd have to have left enough time for: 1) An Independence referendum 2) A monarchy referendum (at the moment, the SNP say they wouldn't expect to ditch the Monarchy in light of a pro-independence vote. Could leave it in place and have it as an issue in the campaign, I guess). 3) The possible break-up and realignment of the Scottish political parties. I would say 'you ought to have Ruth Davidson in it' but in light of the Tory leadership election I guess that's a lot more obvious
  3. These are not at all inconsistent. In fact, given the Falklands war occurred in 1982 if you were looking for an explanation as to why the polling figures for 1983 had dropped from 1981 the Falklands War would seem a rather compelling candidate explanation even absent the details. I could seek out some external opinions to quote if you like but suffice it to say it's not an uncommon view that /had/ the Falklands War not occured, the 1981 figures might have gone all the way to 1983. It wasn't supposed to be a claim about what actually occured in 1983, but rather that if Lawrence wished to make a
  4. Would it not be easier (for you, if nothing else) to upload it to some sort of free file storage site such as rapidshare rather than emailing it?
  5. Actually the more likely scenario would be an alternate 1987 in which the Alliance won in 1983. Why? The famous "go back to your constituencies and prepare for government" speech was made in 1981 in response to soaring to 50% in the polls. It's not implausible this might have held until the election, with the Alliance drawing the support of moderate Labour supporters alienated by foot and economic reformers who felt Thatcher's union busting (crisis capitalism avant la lettre) was too severe and denationalisation was being forced through too quickly. Galtieri's invasion of the Falklands however
  6. This discussion has gone off the rails. The issue isn't (or shouldn't be) what Pollwonk happens to think about climate change, but rather what is 'left wing' in the context of British Politics. In the UK only the far, far, fringe nutter right ('Lord' Monckton springs to mind, but I don't believe it's even the official position of UKIP) deny that climate change has a manmade source; the debate is over what should be done about it with right vs left a matter of legal vs market solutions (so in the UK 'cap and trade' is actually a centre or centre-right policy. Certainly when the Orange Book (a b
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