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  1. United States 2016: Playing as the Democrats, on the basis that Obama had won in 2012. I selected Andrew Cuomo as my candidate and chose Elizabeth Warren to be his running mate. My opponents were Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. The entire campaign was incredibly close, with me winning two debates, Bush winning one and Rubio absolutely obliterating Warren. Three states in particular were causing me a lot of issues - Colorado, Florida and Nevada - so I decided to focus the majority of my attention on those three. I ran a number of campaign ads against Bush and tried, where possible, to run on economi
  2. Norman, they are brilliant. Thank you very much. I was just about to start working on my own logos but I may have to steal a few of your designs as they're exactly the type of thing I was hoping to achieve, if you're sure you don't mind? Will post up a bit more info in the next few days alongside the maps and the completed logos. Have altered a few of the issues (merged the two education issues and merged welfare with unemployment, as well as including internet piracy, LGBT rights and farming / agriculture).
  3. Hi Patine, thanks for your comment, glad you are interested in the scenario. As I say, it's at the early stages at the minute but once I start getting into the more complex stuff, if I encounter any problems, any advice or help you could offer on the engine would be much appreciated =) I'll add some maps later today / early tomorrow, but for now I thought I'd just include some information about the different regions. The nation is split into 14 regions - Grenvia, Trixie Island and 12 regions of Sylvenica. The capital city is Stanway, located in the Central Mawbry region (Grenvia's capital is
  4. Thanks Prometheus =) Thought I'd add a little bit more information, namely electoral history, the issues that this election will be fought on and the positions each party takes on these issues. The wording of the issues is still under review but this should give a basic idea of what the nation is like as a whole and what the parties are like. Election Results, 1945 - 2011 ISSUES ABORTION We must abolish the archaic abortion laws. Legalise abortion for all women and make it free. Women must have the right to an abortion if they wish. Set a legal week limit and make first procedure fre
  5. Have been slowly but surely working on a fictional scenario for quite a while now. Still a long way to go but thought I'd get the ball rolling by introducing some of the ideas. Polaria is an English speaking, European nation that - as of yet - has not joined the European Union. Ruled by a 231-seat Parliament and a 119-seat, fully elected Upper Chamber (a chamber that has the power to veto bills but little else these days), Polaria consists of the small nation of Grenvia, the much larger nation of Sylvenica and Trixie Island, where the Upper Chamber is located. Its currency is the Polarian Pou
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