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  1. I just wanted to thank you for making these available so quickly, quibbles or little things like the Socialist logos included. It's been great fun playing with these. Two things I'd like in general among them is an observation character to allow the AI to play all candidates. And maybe a bit more leeway in candidates who might have run had the actual winner lost the election earlier. Though I know you've said you'll be adding those down the road. One other thing to keep in mind is that if you select an low ranked candidate (like Champ Clark or Woodrow Wilson in 1920) as say the only Democrat
  2. 1970s v0.1 -First release -Issues updated for the 1970s, might need to tweak one more...note that the description text may still refer to things like it's 2012 -GOP: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Rockefeller, George Romney, Mathias, Bush, Dole, Baker, Connally, Crane, Weicker, Stassen -DEM: Carter, McGovern, Humphrey, Udall, George Wallace, Muskie, Church, Scoop Jackson, Shriver, Bayh, Eugene McCarthy, Mondale, Jerry Brown, Fred Harris, Bentsen, Shapp, Terry Sanford, Robert Byrd, Walter Washington, Fauntroy, McCormack, Ted Kennedy, Cliff Finch, Bill Bradley, Joe Biden, Fritz Hollings, Askew, Alan Crans
  3. Lots to ramble about regarding the course of this project, but I shall refrain because this is what anyone still checking in wishes to know about: 1980s v0.3 -New Alliance Party* added -Republicans: Larry Pressler, Charles Mathias, Nelson Rockefeller** added -Democrats: Cliff Finch, George Wallace, Frank Church, Sargent Shriver, Birch Bayh, Fred Harris, Milton Shapp, Terry Sanford, Robert Byrd, Walter Washington, Walter Fauntroy, Ellen McCormack added -Libertarians: David Bergland (1984 nominee) added -New Alliance: Lenora Fulani (1988 nominee) added -A few candidates strength tweaked here a
  4. 1980s v0.2 -Bob Dole tweaked to be less dominant -Paul Laxalt, Alan Cranston, Bruce Babbitt, Jim Traficant, Mo Udall, Scoop Jackson, Eugene McCarthy added -Donald Rumsfeld, Harold Stassen, Joe Biden, Lloyd Bentsen "updated" to 1980s versions https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/820953/1980sElectionsv02.zip
  5. So almost a year later...lol The recent addition of the 1968 scenario to President Forever 2016 inadvertently led to a revival of this project. I found that shortening the calender again as suggested did make more candidates competitive early on. So here are some minorly updated 1990s and 2000s scenarios both in terms of calender (now starts about a year before election day) and those pesky candidate colors, with a few tweaks (though some more need to be made as Donald Rumsfeld has become basically unstoppable at times in the GOP primaries): 2000s: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/820953/
  6. It's strange, I can't recreate that. Though I have with other scenarios sometimes run into errors on my laptop that I never get on my desktop. I will take a close look at those two candidates in particular and the party as a whole to make sure there is nothing I know that causes the error lingering. I've addressed most of the issues mentioned in this thread in the scenarios themselves (outside of those I've waxed philosophically on, which probably won't ever be "fixed") so far and thus am looking towards posting some updated downloads by next week. Also going to start messing with the 1980s,
  7. I haven't been able to recreate that error so far unfortunately. Forgot to reply to this: As I noted I originally setup the scenarios to be two years out and tried figuring out a way to play that early period. The recent GOP race is probably fresh in my mind with the rise and fall of Bachmann, then Perry, then Cain, then Gingrich, then Santorum. But I found it did nothing but guarantee the runaway train of the frontrunner, I have yet to figure out how to deny this and have jockeying in the polls before the primaries. That's why I shortened to April (just prior to debate season last time
  8. 1. Bob Graham certainly didn't have his set for some reason. I'll recheck everyone most candidates should have support 2-4 times higher in their home state and sometimes also in neighboring or otherwise strong states. Of course, for some like in Graham's case even the high end boost still wouldn't make him very strong against an Obama/Clinton in Florida. But that does seem realistic. I will try to "individualize" the state strengths in the future, one reason I didn't just replicate their actual performances as much as try to "rate the overall candidate" is because of that "changing history" a
  9. Is the link no good? Maybe this one will work better without the spaces: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/820953/2000sElections.zip I got approved to post scenarios on the site so I will consider that going forward as well, and I got a tumblr for this as mentioned, just need to set it up right and make it semi-pretty.
  10. Here is a 2000s scenario beta, I think I fixed up most of the outstanding issues including those related to the start date shift (I spacebarred through a few AI games and it seemed to work okay, will do important fixes faster if found), wanted to get it out anyway since I had been delaying for so long: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/820953/2000s%20Elections.zip Unlike the 1990s one there are some VP candidates since this is where I realized it was dumb to start there instead of leaving a generic candidate initially. Just realized I should make Cheney as a candidate. Need to still fix up a couple
  11. Yes, along with Barry Commoner. My intent was to try and include any of the candidates/parties who got higher than 0.2% of the vote or were "famous"/interesting for some other reason. (Part of why I included Griffin, Duke and Stassen in the 1990s scenario.) I did explore going lower to include "regular" parties like the Socialists or Prohibition but kept running into issues finding pictures and just basic information on the candidates. So for the first pass I tried to make it be the top five or six parties. 1980s will likely be the next scenario I start working on rather than 2010s so if anyo
  12. As of this moment the following are in: Libertarians: Browne, Barr, Badnarik, Johnson Green: McKinney, Cobb, Nader Constitution: Phillips, Peroutka, Baldwin Reform: Buchanan, Hagelin, Trump (2000 version), Perot, Ventura Then there is an independent Nader who is actually more of a "2000" version as he's stronger than the Green Party (even though he was on the Green Party line that year). There are also Sam Nunn and Johm McCain as independents since there was speculation and flirting and such regarding both and also because I felt McCain at the least was fun to have in such a role. (Same r
  13. After messing around a bit with it I'm going to move the start dates from the start of April to August (or last Tuesday of July) with the Ames Straw Poll. Still looking at tweaking the support, I've been messing with various changes to my original system and the main thing I've come away with is to take another look at how the candidates are balanced in terms of quantity vs. depth. Thinking of a situation like the recent election where every seeming non-Romney rose and fell, in particular how Rick Perry entered the race as a clear frontrunner and with great fundraising but collapsed quickly. O
  14. Thanks for the comments, I'll try to address them: 1. Will take a close look at Gore, I tried to balance him between 1988 "strength" and VP "strength" but there's a good chance I underpowered him. Gore had been almost too strong for a while in both the 1990s/2000s scenarios (vaporizing Bill, Hillary and Obama as challengers for example) so I might have ratcheted him down way too much. 2. Yes, I've seen that runaway momentum issue. (I do tend to see this more in the GOP field, if you notice it's happening mostly there or across all parties, let me know.) I had actually originally started the
  15. Also forgot to mention, actual VPs don't really exist currently. I've been focused on creating the candidates with the idea that I can go back and make a bundle of VPs fairly quickly later. I started to make them in the 2000s one and realized it was better to flesh out the candidates first, especially since a lot of those are also potential VPs. When the AI picks the placeholder I often pretend they picked the "actual" VP (Gore/Kemp/etc.) or runner-up although they mostly pick one of the other candidates so you really tend to see this when you run against an "incumbent" in which case I preten
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