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  1. Also on the platforms; Wilders has pensions central-right, budget on right, animal rights on right, afghanistan on right, welfare state on right, privatization on right, healt care on right, jobs on right, education on right all point on wich he is a leftist. Yes, he is very right-wing on immigration, Islam, crime, Europa (even a bit more right than the centre-right his platform is now) but at many other issue's, he is competing with the socialist party.
  2. This is a great scenario but may I have some critic? I would give Cohen 1 point more on E (so E4), Mark Rutte 1 point more on E (so E3, he now has less Experience than Emile Roemer wich is very strange; Roemer is a member of parliament since 2006 and partyleader since 2010, Rutte was a vice minister/junior member of cabinet since 2002 and a member of parliament and partyleader since 2006 so why is Roemer more experienced?). Why does the PVV and the SP have a established of 4 while they never have been in the government while D66 has a established of 3 while they have been in the government f
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