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  1. I am actually the guy that made 1972. I am reworking my scenarios because I kind of figured out how to implement candidate strengths for when you start in the GE and I'm implementing them throughout the scenarios I have. I can send you what I have right now and then send you the reworked scenario. It will have Wallace's southern strengths when I get to it. Also appreciate the credit
  2. I actually thought that you would had been better off doing historical scenarios like 2008,2004,2000,1992 etc.
  3. This may not be possible but I think it may be a good idea to release a scenario converter that may be able to get your PF 08 scenarios fit to the new pending 2012 engine format. Just an idea.
  4. Okay. Now I am ready to predict. Romney by 10.
  5. I am not ready to make a prediction but if I were a Vegas oddsmaker I'd give a 2.5 point spread to Romney. If Romney does win he should be thankful for early voting. Tomorrow's debate will be huge...
  6. One more idea I thought is having the option of only playing in the primary. Also make unique maps for candidates. While Romney has a chance to stand up against Obama Gingrich would be a bit weaker. This should be reflected somehow if it is possible. A candidate like Kucinich or Alan Keyes wouldn't be able to win a GE either.
  7. I would like to add online multiplayer
  8. When I close election night when I am about to get my score it says "Floating point division by zero."
  9. On Congress Forever everytime I play the House scenarios after election night an error comes up. How can I fix this?
  10. A good suggestion is to actually make the Cain debacle and the Gingrich surge a lot stronger. Also Perry must be weaken.
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