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  1. Since it's straightforward, is it going to be included?
  2. Rallys would be a good addition. I tried adding it to a scenario and if they're used more than once they negatively effect the candidate in the state. Can someone explain that?
  3. The game is unplayable for scenarios that occur in states, whether that be senate/governor, when the general election is decided based on ED's. It is almost impossible for any other party to win, even if the party wins the popular vote (which it should), based on winner take all. A Republican who wins in NY isn't going to win Manhattan County or the Bronx but they will receive a good margin. In the game, whoever wins the county gets the EV's and no matter how close the 2nd place winner finished, they receive nothing, preventing them from winning. My question is, for P4E2012, will the game in
  4. Can you tell the progress made so far. Have you started the game?
  5. The only thing that needs to be changed is to have a popular vote option. The delegate vote attached to each county is annoying and always doesn't match the popular vote. That's why I hope the new game will have this option.
  6. Unless they haven't started it yet, I don't see why we can't see a screenshot or see what features are going to be included. It would stop a lot of the asking for a while....
  7. Since the last post was in october and the primaries are less than a month away. What's the status on this game?
  8. Can you tell us how far you're into the creation of President Forever 2012?
  9. Voter registation in the game would be awesome. I would love to see more emphasis on the GOTV, option wise.
  10. I would like to see the election results come in slowly, but in a bulk. If that makes any sense. Rather than taking 20 seconds to report 50,000 to 100,000 votes. Have the results update in one shot rather than them tick up, it's more realistic. Also, i'm not sure how complicated this could be without changing the system. But in the html makeup of the states, maybe enter the voter registration of each party so the results accurately represent the state. I think this can prevent hardcore blue & red states from flipping in the general. For example, New York, 50D, 30I, 25R.
  11. Can you at least tell us how far you're into the creation of the game?
  12. Can you tell us some of the features that you plan to include?
  13. Congressional ballot has nothing to do with one's ideology, just party preference in the upcoming congressional elections.
  14. Well 2012 isn't that far off, we'll see what happens.
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