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  1. Interesting. Can you it to me? remiauclaird@hotmail.com
  2. How far are you in your scenario?
  3. At this time Canada might even be sending soldiers in Iran.
  4. yeah like I told you before events related to the conservatives ideology on abortion, death penality, gay marriage or environnement could make good events. You can even make Jean Chrétien or Elisabeth II die.
  5. Pierre Elliot trudeau's death gave the liberals a boost for sure. People were arrested for their implication in the air india tragedy
  6. A few things : It's Daniel Paillé not Danielle Clicking on endorsers makes the game crash Things you probaly know: Leaders pictures, descriptions, some riding polls are wrong, for exemple Westmount Ville-Marie. No Events. But otherwise, good job!!!
  7. If you're looking for fictive event, maybe something related with death penality or abortion. With the conservatives, we never know what can happen.
  8. Good!!! When is it going to be finished?
  9. Is your scenario ready to be tested?
  10. please send it to me remiauclaird@hotmail.com
  11. You can replace Gilles Duceppe by Rejean Thomas, Michael Ignatieff by a genreric name or a local star, and for the others don't bother finding new names. It will be much more simple
  12. And will there be another update after or any official scenario? Or can we consider the game to be finished?
  13. Same question here. I'm still hoping it will be out by the end of November
  14. for toronto http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ontario_general_election,_1999 for montreal and laval http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_federal_election,_2000_%28candidates%29#Eastern_Montreal for vancouver http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vancouver_%28electoral_districts%29
  15. How is it going? Your others scenarios where really fun to play. I hope you'll finish this one soon.
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