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    Spain 2011

    I have two problems with my Spain-scenario at the moment. I hope that someone can help me with them. The problem behind both of them is the difficulty to adapt the Spanish political system (and reality) to this scenario. In Spain almost all parties, with the exception of four major parties, are regionally oriented. Hence, they gain for instance 30 percent in one province, but do not even run outside their regions. This has created two problems for me: 1) The 5 percent threshold: in the new parliament will enter 13 parties, but only three of them have obtained more than 5 percent. So, my ques
  2. Martijn

    Spain 2011

    Thank you for the tip. I was already afraid of this, since the two ways of forming a national parliament are completely different (In Germany dividing the seats top-down based on the federal votes; in Spain bottom-up based on the provincial votes). I think in the end I will simply adapt the German system for Spain which is curiously also in reality part of the election programme of the Socialists.
  3. Martijn

    Spain 2011

    I am experimenting at the moment with a scenario about the upcoming elections in Spain, but I am struggling with the election system. In Spain the seats in the parliament are distributed by the results in the different provinces. To give an example: let´s say that the province of Barcelona has 10 seats and a party wins 60 percent in this consistency. In this case the party would send six delegates to the Spanish parliament. The second party with 20 percent would send 2 delegates and so on. However, I could not find a way how to simulate this system in Chancellor Forever. I tried to solve t
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