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  1. Can I get this resent to me? I lost my copy. Jamesjknupp@aol.com
  2. Played 1848 as Van Buren, the Free Soiler again. This produced an interesting result where Cass came in third in the popular vote by a significant margin, but second in the EC by a significant margin too. Also, winning Delaware by a single vote. Holy crap.
  3. Here's my first play through on the new engine. I played as Huntsman, focusing on New Hampshire early on. My goal was to keep quietly in third in the polls, but garner delegates while Romney and Gingrich fought each other. I manged to pick up several large states and turned the race into a three way split. By the end of the primaries, I was behind Gingrich by 2% in the polls, but ahead by 15 delegates, while Romney was only behind me by 0.5%, and almost 60 delegates behind.The convention allowed me to pick up the win (I believe through a glitch). I picked Christie as my running mate. I spent e
  4. Who did Congress end up choosing?
  5. Both of those. The convention as it stands is too blah. Just eliminating everyone but the top two doesn't make much sense when you ocnsider the idea of a brokered convention.
  6. Played 1992 as Mario Cuomo. The primaires were a piece of cake. I won every single state, not losing a single contest. Everyone except Clinton dropped out, and Clinton accepted my offer of VP after I narrowly won Arkansas. From there, I used my PIPs three times to have non-aggression pacts with Bush, allowing me to focus only on building myself up. On election night, Texas was split evenly between us and Perot was projected to win 0 EVs. I was hoping to win a few more of the red states in order to give Perot a higher EV count than Bush, but it didn't happen. Satisfying win nonetheless.
  7. I'd like to see an auto-save feature so that if my game crashes 80% of the way through and I haven't saved the game I don't lose all my progress.
  8. Well, my screenshot didn't capture, but I played 1848 as Martin Van Buren from the primaries and had some interesting results. Final results: Van Buren/Chase(Free Soil): 38% 193 EV Clay/Fillmore(Whig): 35% Cass/Calhoun(Democrat): 27% I won every state I was on the ballot for except Delaware. I didn't use PC to influence any endorsements but got the endorsement of Polk anyways which bolstered my campaign. I had an uphill battle till the end when I finally held a lead in the popular vote. With that, I unleashed all my ads, bankrupting my campaign two days before the election. At the same ti
  9. I'd be highly interested.
  10. This is the 1936 scenario with Long turned on as the SOW candidate. I was never able to break out of the old South and Midwest region. I concentrated my efforts on the old South, trying to hold on to swing states. I managed to throw off a couple of states that would've gone to FDR and instead made them toss ups between him and Landon, and so he had to focus on those instead of me. I took the lead in the EC early on, but was behind in the popular vote. This kept FDR the target of attacks. In the last 3-4 months of the campaign however, I was forced to defend myself at every turn as I became the
  11. Hey!! How did you win with Huntsman? It seems like Romney always takes control in 2012 scenario.

  12. The TheorySoft official 2012 Scenario Played as Huntsman, running on my integrity, leadership, and against Romney's healthcare stance. I pulled off a surprise upset win in Iowa. One day before the caucus, I was polling in third in IA, but won the next day somehow. I polled pretty weak in the next states and so shifted my focus to latter states like VA, building up a strong hold. Cain, Romney, and Perry battled it out and I came around to get Cain's endorsement. Perry dropped out and I took Romney as my Veep. I polled ahead of Obama early on, but something weird happened and my momentum crash
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