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  1. Thanks for the help friend. I will make sure to run as admin in the future. I was able to find and delete the file and now have a copy that I can work with. I am going to fix some of the percentages and then upload it to get some feedback on the quality.
  2. I still cannot find the scenario. I even saved it under a new name. Checked the scenario folder (where I keep everything I make) Also checked documents folder. Cannot find scenario in any searches or recently modified/created files that match. The game can see (and load) the scenario but it is not contained in any directory or folder from what I can tell. I have also checked and rechecked the permissions on all these folders. Is there a way that we can overwrite the folder where C4E saves these scenarios at? Any other help it find this missing scenario?
  3. Just joined the forum as I am having the same issue. Built a huge 2012 scenario and now cannot export it. Searched the computer and checked all modified/created files and got nothing. Help plz.
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