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  1. Thanks for the response. I have disabled the preferential vote option, I am simply using the Australian base game because it is a bit more updated in terms of features and functionality then PM4E-2011. I find editing the Canadian base game to just be far more cumbersome, but perhaps I will have to give that a try.
  2. I'm in the process of creating a scenario for the upcoming Alberta provincial election using PM4A-Australia as the base game. The game plays fine through the campaign itself, with no issues, however, when it gets to election night, the game simply seems to freeze at 5:59:59 (before polls are supposed to close). Anyone encountered a problem like this before, or have things I can look at to see if there is an issue in the xml files? Appreciate the help.
  3. I agree. It would be cool from a simulation perspective to play with different types of electoral systems. Perhaps a majoritarian run-off (similar to that of france), a preferential ballot (similar to that of the australian senate) and a open list and closed list PR (similar to Nordic countries/isreal.
  4. Some endorsers you could consider would be the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.
  5. Love the idea, however, don't handicap the liberals too much, or over inflate the NDP, as a lot of their support was limited to regions such as Quebec. Candidates: Tories (Harper) and NDP (Layton) are a given. For the liberals, Bob Rae or Justin Trudeau are potentially frontrunners, though you could probably put in Ralph Goodale. Greens would be the fourth party, with Elizabeth May. Issues: The one that I would make sure you add is debt & deficit, as that is/will be a key issue. Electoral Ratios/Delegates: Currently, the seat distributions in canada are as follows: Ontario
  6. I'm not as certain about Mr. Goodale due to the fact that he always seems to be given the title of 'intern leader' and could possible go with the party (the NDP would love another seat in Manitoba). Many of the liberal candidates in the prairies could be considered centre-right (I'm assuming parts of Northern Ontario would be the same). The interesting thing (though its a lot of work) would be to figure out which Candidates would likely get preference. If there was to be a split, some liberals would shift to the tories, and some would go to the NDP, but I'm not sure how to rate which Candid
  7. The obvious one that comes to mind is John Manley and his block of centrist, fiscally conservative liberals. Manley himself did not run this election, but there are several liberals in the prairies (particularly manitoba) that fall into this group. I don't think you would have a lot of division within the NDP over a merger, it would mainly come from the centre right of the liberal party. Sorry I can't give names, but best of luck designing it, it should be very interesting.
  8. Building on the previous post, there are several upcoming provincial elections across Canada that would be super cool to see mods for.
  9. I've been playing around with the text files on the scenarios, and its seems to simply be a matter of changing the text values. If you go to C:\Program Files \Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2011\scenarios, duplicate the Canada 2011 folder and edit the copied folder. Political_units.xml and percentages.xml are the two files pertaining to ridings, while scenario.xml is where you can adjust things such as election dates. Just play around with the different files to you get what you like. Hope things work out.
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