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    Canada 1958

    John Deifenbaker has strong personal appeal and many modern political historians give him much of the credit for the strong PC showing. ISSUES: Economy: Lester B Pearson made a major blunder leading up to the election that allowed Diefenbacker to seize on the economy as an issue Provincial Relations: the PC's were able to utilize Union National political machine to build stronger ties in the province Social Assistants Programs, Pensions and Hospital Insurance were all major parts of Diefenbackers campaign Northern Development played a major role in the campaign Given Lester B Pearson hi
  2. RyanO

    Alberta 1963

    Please send osterbergr@msn.com
  3. One major issue has been Transmission Lines as well. Its been a real issue in Southern Alberta around Medicine Hat and in Sherwood Park and Strathcona-Sherwood Park. Leaders: Alberta Party: Sue Huff (she was interim leader) Parties: I would include the Evergreen Party (made up from the now bankrupt Green Party) As for Independents I am aware of two so far: 1.) Jim Ford (yes from the Federal Election) who is running in Sherwood Park 2.) Carl Benito (only a rumor but he has some signs up) running in his riding of Mill
  4. Please send to me osterbergr@msn.com
  5. RyanO

    Alberta 1963

    Send it to me please, love the idea. osterbergr@msn.com
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    Alberta 2013

    Alberta Party is centrist and currently holds a seat in the Legislature in the form of Dave Taylor, former Liberal member and former contender for Liberal Leadership. NDP and Liberals in Alberta would never merge, Brian Masse and Rachel Notle hate the Liberals as much as the PC's. Ted Mortin isn't the front runner, isn't even close, he only pulled in 28% last leadership race, Gary Marr is the tentative front runner right now. Guy Boutilier has already joined the Wildrose Alliance Party and is currently sitting in their Caucus even now, in fact his decision to join them gave them official pa
  7. A cool Scenario, without a doubt, would be a future based scenario surrounding the election of the European Union. With would be Prime Minister or Presidents competing to win over enough nations to form a EU government. I regret to say I lack any real computer skills when it comes to designing something like this, and hope this idea may spark something in someone with the necessary skills to create something like this.
  8. RyanO

    Canada 2011

    Just one another small detail, and totally understand how this could be missed. For the Edmonton-Sherwood Park riding, there is actually an independent candidate running by the name of Jim Ford, who came in a very close second to Uppal last election. He is running as an almost independent conservative, over a disagreement with internal party candidate selection. It was a really close race with Uppal getting 35.84% of the votes and Ford getting 32.45. Not sure if this was the appropriate place to post, but thought it worth a look.
  9. I love the new engine used for the 2011 model. I think a great scenario would be to do an early version of the upcoming Alberta Election. The Wildrose Alliance is actually making things interesting for the first time in a long time. Plus you have a number of possible PC Leadership Candidates, the Liberals are in the middle of a Leadership Race, The Alberta Party is on the rise, a lot of great potential.
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