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  1. In regards to P4E2012 Beta, may I suggest tweaking the Campaign Surrogates option to fit more of a state by state basis? It seems that it would make the game a little more realistic that way. I believe you should add campaign surrogates for each individual state that can campaign for your candidate. For example, when Mitt Romney's campaign focused on the Wisconsin Primary, Paul Ryan came out to campaign with Romney in the state. Otherwise, he really didn't campaign anywhere else. The same thing happened with Kelly Ayotte and Judd Greg who campaigned only for Romney within their own state. I'm
  2. Quick idea regarding themes. Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign was framed almost entirely around the issue of the Economy. Maybe you could change the themes button so you could... 1.) Prioritize what issues matter most. For example, even though healthcare is a big issue in this election, most candidates have Economy higher on their to-do list than Healthcare. While they will still make this a key issue of their campaign, most of the chips lie on Economy. 2.) Decide how much you are going to focus on each of your issue themes. Let's say each campaign recieves a certain number of "Focus Points" (de
  3. I am making a French 2012 scenario using Campaigns Forever for the P42008+primaries and I keep getting stuck at percentages... this message keeps flashing... "Access violation at address 0041FC8C in Module 'ScenarioConstructor.exe'. Read of address 00000010. Any help would be appreciated. I'm hoping to finish this scenario soon.
  4. Cool, but will P4E12 have an election night option for the primaries? That would make the game so much funner!
  5. Maybe when the primaries and caucuses roll around, you can actually enter an election night format similar to that of the General Election. Maybe you can pause the game and watch the returns come in from each state. I mean, it was awesome watching the Iowa and Ohio returns this year, close as all getout. Also, could the P4E2012 actually include the number of votes each candidate recieved in the primary campaign? All it tells me is the percentage of the vote.
  6. Will the final version of P4E2012 include a "recount" option in close states?
  7. How on earth did Sharpton win the nomination?
  8. Here's an idea... Maybe we can customize each turn time. Basically, we could choose to campaign on a day to day basis during the primaries instead of on a week to week basis as the current game suggests. The primaries go by so fast with a Week by week turn. Maybe give us an option to change it to a day by day... it would make it alot better.
  9. It's an interesting idea which I'd endorse. Maybe have momentum penalties if you campaign more than 3 days a week.
  10. I'd say that is true. I think the opposing candidate's strengths and weaknesses should play a role in it, but I think your observation is a good one.
  11. That's a pretty cool idea! It would be fun connecting with other campaigners for a game.
  12. I like those ideas, especially the speaking style one. My only critique is that Obama is more of a "Calm" speaking demeanor than "Motivational". Otherwise, I agree with those recommendations.
  13. Here's some election night options... -Demand Recount (vote must be very close for this option to open itself) -Lawsuit of voter fraud (vote must be very close for this option as well) I think one big addition that needs to made is how they show states. I don't think they should give a state a color until it has been declared. I think you can show it being tracked, but don't paint it red or blue until it is official.
  14. Good grief!!!! I'm just joking! I'm just saying it would be hilarious if it were a reality! Alfonzo's ideas however were pretty neat. I'd note them if I were the 270Admin.
  15. Yeah. I like your idea about moods and flare. I'm still chuckling about an XBox Kinnect Version... Haha, your body controls the candidate's body... it would be fun to see how the newsnetworks would react to a candidate running off the stage and thumping a few spectators... XD ... Too bad Kinnect won't show facial emotions...
  16. Agreed. What do they expect? Its not like this is XBOX Kinnect. You don't control the speaker's emotions and actually give the speeches yourself. That would be horrifyingly hard and stressful.
  17. Well, still a good outcome. Technically, if it were a college level debate, Obama would probably lose. He would win in speaker points (persuasivness, delivery,) but he would lose the arguments. Huntsman offers substance and knows how to rebut while Obama is limited to platitudes.
  18. That's a pretty legitimate outcome (if Huntsman wins the nomination). Huntsman has a great jobs record and a fantastic amount of experience. Plus, he looks the part. Good job! Who won the debates?
  19. okay. I tried out the P4E2012 Beta test released... Here's how it went... I ran as Mitt Romney. After burning the other candidates in the debates, I ended up fundraising myself up to about $60,000,000 by December. I then began campaigning hard releasing a devastating barrage of attack ads on both Obama and Gingrich (attacking them over immigration. attacked Obama over tax code and balanced budget. smashed gingrich over integrity). I won narrowly in Iowa, squeezing out a victory over Bachmann and Perry. Huntsman made a valiant effort in winning the New hampshire primary and won there. I redi
  20. Hey Elliot,

    Whats up?

  21. The Libertarians won. Finally, some real change.
  22. Improvements for the Prez 2012...so it will be better than 2008... 1.) Vice Presidential Interviews 2.) Vice Presdiential Issue Familarity (Palin could have used it) 3.) Meet and Greet Activity (Obama does that alot) 4.) MORE ENDORSERS 5.) Speeches that can cite the candidate's leadership, integrity, experience, and issue familarity. That was McCain's big speaking point in 2008, his experience compared to Obama. 6.) Campaign Loans
  23. Here's an election result of mine... GB 2005... Tony Blair... 36% of the Popular Vote... 389 seats... Michael Howard... 22% of the Popular Vote... 55 seats (laughter)... Charles Kennedy... 30% of the Popular Vote... 165 seats GB 2010 (i imagined that tony blair broke his promise...) Tony Blair...38%...389 seats (deja vu)... David Cameron...25% of the popular vote...174 seats Nick Clegg...19%...56 seats What's so funny is... 1.) The conservatives becoming the third party by a hefty amount of the popular vote (8%) in the 05 campaign. 2.) The almost precise flip-flop in seats in regar
  24. Certainly, but it is important to make sure the candidates all have reasonable shot at the money... at least some shot... Romney should have the edge...but it shouldn't be impossible for other candidates to get a chance at the money...
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