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  1. I would like a the latest copy for the 2008 election please. boxadamus@comcast.net
  2. Well I just finished playing a game as Dennis Kucinich and I came really close to stealing the Democratic nomination. I ran a complete insurgency campaign focusing on Iraq and the War on Terrorism. The democratic convention was split with Kucinich, Hillary and Kerry each had about the same amount of delegates and Clark stuck it out to the end having about half the amount of delegates as Hillary, Kucinich and Kerry. I don't understand why you gave Kucinich such low ratings in integrity and leadership. Sure he may be a little wacky but but he is not that unethical or incompetent IMO. For th
  3. Same thing here plus when I click on candidate editor says it can not find specified files.
  4. please send 2008 v5 to boxadamus@adelphia.net when you get a chance, thank you
  5. This is the first time posting here but I like to read this board on occcasion. I actually think the debates are about right in terms of momentum. I played the 2004 scenario as Kerry-Edwards in a 2 way race (I can't Nader). I changed Kerry's debating skills from a 3 (the default value of the game) to a 4. Maybe I was lucky and just played a really well executed game but I totally cleaned Bush's clock . I won with 56% and 442 electoral votes. The real kick in the teeth happened when the Kerry-Edwards ticket beat Bush in Texas (It was a squeaker though). Two of the three debates I got a
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