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    Momentum query

    I think we need something to explain how momentum is generated and effective ways to maintain it. It seems whoever I pick, even strong candidates (McCain in O8), once I get the nomination i just end up with negative momentum and implode for the general and I don't have nearly enough money to throw $12-14 million or points to counter it every week and will end up at about -4 through from May to November. I usually plan each week with issue familiarity, fundraising, debate prep and ads in the marginals with the odd rally. but any momentum wont sustain past a week. Thank you
  2. I feel this but as a Republican who cant shift Clinton or Obama (2012/08). My momentum always goes through the floor once I lock up the nomination.
  3. It looks sorted now, I deleted one of the parties and added it again - the errors are gone.
  4. Dear all, Not sure if you guys can help here, I have created an Alabama Gubernatorial 2014 scenario on PI (the new editing facilities are awesome for this) However I am quite often receiving an access violation message during the campaign. I hope to sort this out and release it when complete, I can upload the scenario as it is if anyone wants to have a look. Btw here is the message. Access violation at address 00ACA37F in module PI.exe. Write of address 09B9DC70 Many thanks,
  5. How does everyone plan and treat the time from securing the nomination to the general? I can never seem to hold momentum after winning the nomination before the other party (beginning of April) and on that path winning the general is a hard ask. In the scenarios I've done as the Republicans I will end up fighting Clinton/Obama (both very strong candidates in 2008 and 2012 I know) but my momentum seems to be very flat at best or through the floor at worst. Planning is obviously important but even with a decent number of ads, endorsers and org. strength with the odd rally or speech thrown in,
  6. Maybe there could be an attribute from 1-5 which suggests how likely a candidate is to do this; e.g 1 = Candidate piles his campaign in the early states, 5 = Candidate plays the long game.
  7. I will add the Footsoldier tactic is working well in P4e 08 its only President Infinity and the 2008 beta. However I am just about to win the primaries with Carson by frantically working the swing states and building my profile from there. This has paid of on both PI and P4e. I beat Obama convincingly with Gingrich (at 7% start in the Primaries in P4e 08's 2012 scenario with about 400 ECV on election night). All looking good and I am really looking forward to the next update with the expanded map editor etc)
  8. Hi All, I seem to be really struggling to get anywhere in the primaries. What ever strategy I use, I cant get enough momentum to shift the front runners in the individual states and if I do, I'll end up a good 20% behind in most of the other states. Its weird because I am having this problem in the P4e 2008 also. I think my strategy is all over the place as I have the national lead but that becomes pointless when its delegates you need. Does anyone have a good strategy to use when you are not the front runner (i.e. McCain in 2008 behind Guliani or Carson behind Trump in 2016). This is odd
  9. I seem to have solved this by editing the existing abstracts rather than deleting them and duplicating the first.
  10. A little bit of advice please? When setting starting percentages, apart from official opinion polls from where do people set the figures especially for relatively safe seats/regions, For my private scenarios I tend to use official election results but it often results in landslides for the for parties marginally ahead. It would just be useful to get a feel how others work on this. Thanks,
  11. Hi all, I have a strange election night error in a custom scenario I am creating (New South Wales 2011) for some reason the clock wont tick round on election night so the results never come through. I can send upload the scenario if anyone is able to help. If I can get this to work I might look at realising it publically on the forum as there aren't many scenarios for Aus 2013, P.S I'm aware of the 13 regions requirement also. Thanks,
  12. Hi all, I have edited the events.xml file to create some uk specific events for the 2015 GE Campaign. The dates in the file are chosen so they break on the correct day in game. i.e. The 'Ed Stone' is listed as 02/05/015 in the file but will break on 03/05/15. The events i've included are the following; 'Ed Stone' (hits Miliband's integrity by -2 momentum) 'Farage HIV Health Tourism' (hits Farage's integrity by -2 momentum) 'Question Time Special - Miliband denies Labour overspent' (hits Miliband's economic management by -1 momentum) 'Question Time Special - Nick Clegg attacked over tuiti
  13. Many thanks for this, that is a useful suggestion. I am thinking that for the council wards scenario, creating separate Lib/Lab/Con parties who can stand in the same wards etc.with good relations to reduce the chance of them attacking each other. One more question, does anyone know if the 'get on ballot' activity is disabled or how it can be disabled. I've never seen an event show up for it. It should be disabled for the UK default scenario or the SNP could end up standing in London if starting early in the campaign. It would make things very interesting though EDIT; This does work, I just
  14. A useful addition would be to be able to scroll through candidates in a single constituency on election night, especially if you have more than 8 parties (only 8 seem to show up). I am not sure how possible it would be to add more that one independent or representative of a party per consituency. UK council election wards usually have multiple candidates for multiple seats and especiialy in the PM's seat in GEs loads of independent candidates often stand. It all runs really well since the latest update, 2.01 though
  15. Regarding the 1.9.1 release, It's all looking good and running well. A couple of things I've noticed, there is a noticable slowdown mid campaign in terms of processing turns. (I did a test of just LAB v. CON and this doesn't happen to the same extent so I guess it is the calculation of 650 constituencies between the 12 or so parties), maybe this is a optimisation issue but isn't a game breaker by anymeans. On the election night which is fantastic with the constituency tabs/candidates, I noticed that double digit percentages show as 3..% rather than 30%. Its all great apart from that Many
  16. Has postal voting been reflected in any particular new way or will it be more of a 'get out the vote (GOTV)' enhancement. Maybe parties with a stronger HQ or stronger GOTV stat, the number of leaning voters will change to decideds? According to the UK Electoral Commission in regard to 2010; "Almost 7 million postal votes were issued -15.3% of the entire electorate. Despite the new rules on personal identifiers, together with the need for electors to reapply for a postal vote, this is more than three percentage points above the level at the 2005 general election. Only in Northern Ireland, wh
  17. Something in addition to this, Maybe each constituency has a speed of count variable, so each region can declare realistically E.g. Fast = between 1030pm and 0100am (Sunderland South - [record for early declarations] and very small seats) Normal = between 0101 and 0300 (Market towns and small city seats) Slow = after 0301 (London and city seats + areas with local elections on the same day) This could get around the timezone issue in the live count. What do you all think?
  18. Hi All, As the UK election is soon to be approaching, just wondering if there is a planned new release under the Congress Forever Engine or Aussie Forever Engine? The 'live' election night would be really good for the UK espescially as it could be quite close now?
  19. This error is still here in pi 1.8 - any update as to what is still causing this?
  20. The problem still persists, I've reinstalled as well, I've seen the platform update suggestion which I shall try.
  21. Excellent, I had a brainwave Could it be possible to have candidate names appear over the delegate bars when hovering over the colours as happens when you hover over the strategy button etc.
  22. Hi all, A couple of things here, The new release looks really slick, just a strange question here, has the use of the space bar been disabled as it is useful when doing tests of new scenarios. Would it be possible to have something added to the delegates bar so we can tell which candidate has what amount, i.e. http://s21.postimg.org/98whpr0dj/presidentinfinityexample.jpg Also would there ever be scope to have the primaries counted like general elections (an election night rolling count). All in all it looks really good.
  23. Later tests show the primaries dont work for multi-ward regions - but the Australian version handles it well albeit without primaries.
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