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  1. @Conservative Elector 2I have started to create a South Korea 2017 election but am likely to struggle with issues and candidate strengths and platforms. All the issues are named 1,2,3,4 etc at the moment to keep the scenario free from the original US base scenario, but for the issues I was thinking; Chaebols China Debt Economy Employment Environment Healthcare Housing Inequality Japan Legacy of Park Geun-hye North Korea Public spending Relations
  2. For a seat by seat breakdown and turnout in all UK General Elections this website has got lots of data. http://www.politicsresources.net/area/uk/edates.htm
  3. Is it just me or does the polling feature in PI sometimes bug out and not always read the data in game that you enter? If it doesn't I've made an error somewhere .
  4. I have had a stroke of luck, I designed a personal EU referendum in PMI where you campaigned in each counting area (all 382 counting areas / 398 including the N. Ireland constituencies) the results were always wonky as the leave campaign had a strong lead in counting areas. With the release of the sneak peak for PI, I thought let's import it and see what happens with the Pop. Vote option turned on? Good news, a working scenario The release will be once the full update is finalised to include AI strategy and any bugs that may have arisen but I will upload some screenshots now so
  5. I've been creating a personal scenario with 11 regions for a fantasy nation presidential election but have noticed mass fluctuations with momentum (+15 to -15 e.g) in one week. I wonder whether its only having a small number of regions causing AI to campaign and upgrade everywhere like mental. Has anyone found an minimum number of regions that helps balance out the primary campaigns. Thanks
  6. Good point, funnily enough after reading the initial Korea scenario suggestion, today I read an article about the potential difficulties unification. It was on the internal divisions within the South, https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/09/why-many-koreans-cant-face-reunification
  7. It would be interesting to see something from Korea. There could even be potential for some fantasy reunification scenarios to add some more flavour.
  8. I should be alright with maps and logos, the areas of difficulty seem to be pinning the specific issues positions for each party and candidate as there is not always as huge amount in English. I have some knowledge of the language and country from University and can get a decent idea of the the political atmosphere but unfortunately not to the extent of translating and interpreting manifestos. I am most likely to go with a generic issue system i.e. EU Membership Far Left: Very anti-EU Left: Very pro-EU Centre-Left: Pro-EU Centre: Maintain equally good relation
  9. With the upcoming popular vote feature due to be released soon, I want to gauge interest in whether people would like a scenario of the 2012 Serbian Presidential Election. This election saw the continued battle between former Serbian Radical Party candidate Tomislav Nikolic and the more pro-western Boris Tadic. Nikolic won at the 4th attempt (one election was annulled for not having a high enough turnout). I've worked on this as a personal project but it never felt ready due to the electoral college system. However a base version could be released quickly should there be interest or at le
  10. Strange, I'm getting this also, and I uploaded it . I'll get it uploaded on the scenarios section of the 270soft website. The link is now live on the Campaigns site - http://campaigns.270soft.com/
  11. Pennsylvania Scenario updated with accurate primaries polling and candidate home counties set to Philadelphia not Adams County 2016 - United States presidential election in Pennsylvania.rar
  12. The problem I would have with this would be grading candidates for attributes, If anyone has ideas on how best to do this it would make scenario editing easier.
  13. USA 2016 Localised to Pennsylvania complete and released. Media outlets added according to http://www.cision.com/us/2010/04/top-10-daily-pennsylvania-newspapers/ and Statewide Papers from here http://www.abyznewslinks.com/unitepa.htm 2016 - United States presidential election in Pennsylvania.rar
  14. This map among others are available for download on the 270soft Campaigns site (http://campaigns.270soft.com/category/maps/) that's where I found this PA one.
  15. Hi All, After the excitement and drama of election night I fancied localising the 2016 scenario to the swing states, I am currently working on Pennsylvania given how close this was in the end and how pivotal to Trump getting 270. Currently all counties are created and mapped on one of Zion's maps and percentages are being worked on. The endorsers are the default national ones with Federal Senators and Congressmen and Governors to be added as well as possibly local TV/Radio/Newspapers for endorsers or interviewers. The issue centres for each county are mapped to the party they voted f
  16. In line with the idea for a game where you play as the president over their term, I though a Congressional term simulator may provide some more options; For example we could play as the Senate/ House party machines and try to pass or amend laws. Each law could be scripted in event style (allowing extensive modding and customisation) and our goal is to get enough congressmen to pass the law. We sort of have this with the primaries system and the different voting dates. The modding potential and scope for methods for courting supporters for each bill would be great (the endorser system
  17. Excellent news, looking forward to giving this a good whirl
  18. http://www.alreporter.com/ The AL reporter seems to be a good site for AL politics, They also have 'The Voice of Alabama Politics' uploaded on Youtube which is very up to date. (Mike Hubbard trial etc.)
  19. @TheMiddlePolitical There is one on the old President Forever 08 campaigns, I don't know about copyright for those though. http://campaigns.270soft.com/category/p4e8/p4e8_gubernatorial/page/2/
  20. I've done a counties map for AL which you are free to use for your 2018 scenario alabama map.bmp
  21. I have some ideas for issues, the politics of the different candidates could well end up making the leave/remain camps more left wing/right wing. An Arthur Scargill leave v. Alex Salmond remain could be rather fun. Potential second indy ref in Scotland UK Financial Industry Fishing Industry Farming Subsidies Scientific Research Freedom of movement Australian style immigration system Threat to Northern Ireland peace process Environment Security/Terrorism Norwegian/Swiss relationship There are also potentially many hundreds of
  22. Hi all, I'd already started work on an EU referendum scenario, I can upload it if you want to use it as a base? Its functional but missing events, unique issues and multiple candidates. It is a PM Infinity scenario but you can edit the scenario through the President Infinity engine as there are more functions in that editor ATM.
  23. daons

    Momentum query

    No more scandals than in an average campaign, I think its more that I'm not planning or managing my campaign effectively enough for a long period and possibly not exploiting my opponents weaknesses enough to get an edge and take control when both our momentums/polling are close. When running just a general I can usually peak at the right time (barring as mass of scandals) but its the long term game I need to improve.
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