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  1. Thought I'd have a go at a 1970 Alabama Gubernatorial election but I've decided to make it the Democratic Primary only, given that Wallace won the General Election with about 75% of the vote and the GOP didn't field a candidate. It is based on the 1972 official scenario with accurate county populations (but not electorates, turnout will be reduced to adjust for this,) The primary was competitive with sitting Governor and a former Gov. going for the nomination. The contest was a nationwide popular vote which went to a run-off - which will work under the new Pop. Vote mode better than divid
  2. Thanks, I'll try these suggestions
  3. @lizarraba Candidates and platforms are all generic but the regions and parties are mostly there. Thanks WIP-2016 - London Mayoral Election.rar
  4. @lizarraba I've got a WIP scenario for 2016 that I was working on which I can upload if you want to mine for resources or use as a base? Thanks
  5. Thanks for these tips, they are very useful, I was thinking more for winning the Democratic primaries rather than a 1968 independent strategy, for example trying to take down both McGovern and Humphrey in 72 when polling very low outside of the side (bar a few states). Cheers
  6. Hi all, does anyone have any particular or preferred primaries strategy for George Wallace or other candidates very strong regionally as I can never quite breakout of the strongholds to get that nationwide surge to the nomination. BTW I am not a Wallace fan but do find his career and that era of US history very interesting. Thanks
  7. Just done a few more tests of my amended polling scenario, I have changed Corbyn's charisma from 2 to 3 given his big rallies and added three new events. 1. Conservative social care plans unveiled - gives -2 momentum to the Conservatives 2. U-turn on the social care plans, gives -2 momentum to the Conservatives 3. Theresa May refuses to debate after Corbyn announces he will attend, gives -2 momentum to the Conservatives. However I have managed to still win big as the Conservatives if you campaign well but I managed a big win with Corbyn by exploiting the new events and gett
  8. I've had a play about with the polling shift data in the percentages file and have found a way to update the polling a small Conservative lead to reflect the opinion polls but with undecideds able to cause a hung parliament easily. I'll need to do a few tests to see how it goes but here is a screenshot of where it looks.
  9. That could be an option, The last election in 1969 might be interesting given the split in the UUP vote. They were still returned as the largest grouping but this would allow for some interesting seat by seat contests with Pro and Anti-O'Neill candidates. I'll have a look in to how practical 1969 would be in terms of platforms/candidates etc,
  10. I would love to make one but that would require STV (single transferable vote) to be added for any Assembly election to be accurate unless the current system can be modified to make it work..
  11. On the campaigns site I have uploaded a UK 2015 general election localised to Northern Ireland. All feedback is welcome.
  12. I've been wondering, is there any reason why the 2008 campaign is a beta, it seems very stable to me, apart from the candidates not appearing in the endorsers screen once they have withdrawn during the primaries? If the scenario is open to modding I could upload a modded version. Thanks
  13. http://270soft.com/2017/05/17/upcoming-prime-minister-infinity-u-k-version-ericson-2-5-7/#comments With the latest news of Pop-vote being introduced to PMI, I will most likely switch this to PMI as it it was built through this engine and will better handle the large number of regions, Thanks
  14. The lines should be fixed with this one, When editing the map in the editor for regions with multiple islands or bits of land you will need allocate each bit of land to a region. To do this you will need to click the 'new' button under the co-ordinates (see highlighted example in red). This will then duplicate the entry. Now you need to click another region, then click the 'new' button again until you have allocated each area on the map to that region. The below example is for the Faroe Islands with each area filled. In the below example using the UK 2015 scenario wit
  15. Sure, how does this look? Thanks denmark_base.bmp
  16. I've had a go at this map, I can add the Faroes and Greenland if need be. I would be interested in a Danish scenario as I had a very nice few days in Copenhagen a few years back denmark.bmp
  17. Yes, E.C. is the electoral commission and is designed as an observer. I felt it fitted better than having one called The observer party.
  18. @LegolasRedbard What was your strategy for the Greens? That is an amazing result for a minor party, especially given the starting finances and percentages.
  19. I will need the AI to be able to cope with pop. vote, then I'll need to finalise the candidate platforms and starting funds. Should be quite quick once the update comes. It will be uploaded as a beta and then can evolve from feedback.
  20. Yes, if you see the seat of Aberavon for example this site gives a breakdown of each ward and predicted vote share and a zoomable map to use as guide. http://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/cgi-bin/seatdetails.py?seat=Aberavon
  21. I had an idea of the the recent Stoke Central by-election where the UKIP leader stood as it would be interesting. It could also work in the PI engine where candidates could fight it out for their party nomination. I might try and put together a base scenario that people could build Constituency elections from or test a Stoke scenario when the ai strategy is updated for Pop. Vote. This website is pretty good at analysing individual constituencies and estimated vote breakdown by ward. http://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/homepage.html
  22. It is playable but I am going to wait until the AI has been updated for the pop. vote feature so I can see how it plays out re events and advertisements.
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