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    Alberta 2012

    Thanks for the feedback, that is useful to know (re the reserved powers), the issues are going to be adjusted in an updated version once I get some more free time to research further. In the version released yesterday, the starting polls has been updated since the early sneak preview and reflects a much closer race. The Wildrose have a significant percent of the vote set at 'leaning' to facilitate for a flow to the PC's during the campaign.
  2. daons

    Alberta 2012

    2012 - Alberta As Premier Alison Redford dropped the election writ, she sets off a 28-day provincial campaign that will send Albertans to the polls on April 23 2012. Redford requested Lt.-Gov. Donald Ethell end the Legislature, setting off what is expected to be one of the most competitive election battles in decades. The 28-day campaign will see the PC leader try to extend her party’s 41-year grip on power, while Danielle Smith of the Wildrose Alliance, Raj Sherman of the Alberta Liberals, Brian Mason of the NDP, and Glenn Taylor of the Alberta Party will all be trying to end the Tory dy
  3. The current subscription system seems to work well at the moment but am always open to new ideas.
  4. Just an idea, Could we maybe have an option to give issues a party specific description as a way to distinguish between different parties who have the same issue alignment and reflect the manifestos. For example; Education: Centre-Left - Default - More funding for State education Education: Centre-Left - Labour - Labour will commit to investing £x bln to schools over the next parliament. Education: Centre-Left - Plaid Cymru - Education in the Welsh Language must be supported - Fund the provision of language teachers. Education: Centre-Left - Lib Dems - The Libera
  5. Awesome. Just a though could this be expanded in the future for mass editing primary delegates and or dates? For the UK/Canada, Congress, the ability to use spreadsheets for candidate names/strengths would be amazing.
  6. Just a thought for election nights if we could have the party colour circle that is on the strategy screen or something similar displayed by individual seat results. Maybe for the elections that have update on % reporting rather than declaration times, the colour circle could display at 100% counted or when a projection is made. It would give a nice TV style feel and eye candy. Thanks
  7. Would that include primary elections also? That would be really useful.
  8. daons

    Alberta 2012

    Hi All, I am currently working on an Alberta 2012 scenario (using the 2015 one as a starting base). Any local insight/ideas are much appreciated Completed so far; Party Leaders, Logos, Regional percentages (2012 results with a shift to the Wildrose to account for their large poll leads) Incomplete; Issues and party platforms, Leader positions Regional issue positions These are the issues and planned party positions interpreted from the manifestos I could find online and the 2015 scenario issues.
  9. That's useful to know, I've sent a PM with the address. Thanks
  10. Found myself becoming more interest in Canadian politics and was browsing on the campaigns site and noticed how many scenarios exist for the old engine and was wondering whether there is an appetite to see them re-made for the PM Infinity engine. It seems a shame for them not to be revived. Here is a list of those which don't seem to have been re-made. Canada 1957 (Patine) Quebec 1944 Canada 1974 (Jack Cox) Manitoba 2003 (Jack Cox) Canada 1988 (Nicholas Lawson) New Brunswick 2003 (Jack Cox) Nova Scotia 2003 (Brian Appel) Ontario 1999 (Jack C
  11. During the Primaries, each state has a 'News Profile', so for example New Hampshire and Iowa provide very powerful news stories for the winning candidate which seems to cause the candidates to focus on those states even if other states hold contests earlier. Is there anyway this mechanic could be used in general elections to encourage candidates to focus on vote/delegate heavy states where they may be further behind such as California/New York rather than the states they are most likely to flip?
  12. Could the strategy issue be solved by linking the 'news profile' attribute for states in the primaries to encourage certain states/regions to be targeted over others. As this can be adjusted by party primary already this could help determine party strategies?
  13. Some other European scenarios would be a really interesting addition given the large numbers of parties, electoral systems and electoral thresholds in those countries.
  14. I am currently working on 2014 Alabama State Senate and 2014 State House scenarios which took place during the trial of House Speaker Mike Hubbard and before Gov. Bentley resigned due to scandal. Although the GOP will have a big starting advantage, I thought these would be some interesting races to simulate as the number of events surrounding the Hubbard scandal give the Democrats a good opportunity to capitalize. For map purposes I have grouped the districts under their corresponding US House district and have included the following issues using the 2014 House additional parties sce
  15. That's interesting to know. Thanks
  16. Is it just me or are there not many federal/provincial election night recordings on Youtube that go back more than a couple of elections? It would be interesting to know if there are particular websites that keep them.
  17. I am sure some people have already come across this but I thought if they haven't it could be useful for campaign creation https://www.poltext.org/en/part-1-electronic-political-texts/electronic-manifestos-canadian-provinces
  18. I would imagine that mixed member/parallel electoral systems would be easiest to implement as the constituency elements are already in place. I would be happy to create some Scottish Parliament and Welsh and London Assembly scenarios which use the AMS (Additional Member System) for use with a new electoral system. Thanks
  19. Looks good, From where/ How did you make your candidate picture its looks CGI?
  20. daons

    Alberta - 1935

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread here but if you still have plans for the scenario, I found something which looks to give the date of the Writ Drop in 1935. Hope this helps
  21. I've received a similar message to this also, it was just before a Vice President's debate on a 1992 scenario if that helps.
  22. eu_post brexit.bmp Here is an Post Brexit EU Map to reflect the new political landscape of the EU
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