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    1989 - Alberta

    Premier Don Getty has called a snap election less than 3 years into his term. The New Democrats under Ray Martin and the Liberals under Laurence Decore have steadily risen in the polls. Faced with an economic recession, high unemployment, failing oil prices, large deficits and failed government-funded companies, can Don Getty maintain his majority? http://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/06/09/1989-alberta/
  2. daons

    1993 - Alberta

    Premier Ralph Klein seeks his first mandate from the people of Alberta. Alberta is currently reeling from a lagging economy and a growing $20 billion dollar debt. Can Klein distance himself from the Don Getty record of fiscal mismanagement, and use his charisma and folksy populism to hold off Decore’s transformed Liberal party? http://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/05/31/1993-alberta/
  3. daons

    1997 - Alberta

    After the 'Miracle on the Prairies' in 1993, popular Premier Ralph Klein seeks his second term. This election is seen by many as a 'Ralpherendum' on Klein's balanced budget and extremely deep budget cuts. Can the Liberals and the seatless New Democrats knock him out of power? http://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/05/11/1997-alberta/
  4. Thanks, will give this a go.
  5. Just a random question, what is the limit for seats on the PMI/CI engines as I am considering making a UK local elections scenario and for London alone for example there are 1,851 councillors. I imagine with more parties the engine slows down anyhow but I'd like to know is there is a physical limit. It would be frustrating to get 800 seats into a scenario and hit a limit.
  6. v.2 - Added candidate riding positions and high score bonuses
  7. v.3 - Small edit to add candidate riding positions and high score bonuses
  8. v.2 - Very small update to this scenario to add some ministerial positions and bonuses to riding candidates. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2019/10/26/alberta-2015-2/
  9. daons

    2001 - Alberta

    A booming economy and huge budget surplus have Alberta flush with cash. Can the New Democrats and Liberals knock off a highly successful Ralph Klein who is seeking his third term? 2001 - Alberta.zip
  10. daons

    2004 - Alberta

    It will be Alberta 2001
  11. daons

    Ireland - 1918

    This is a really nice scenario. Lots of issues and events give it a real feel for the post war era.
  12. daons

    2004 - Alberta

    Premier Ralph Klein has stated that this will be his last election. Will he sleepwalk to a huge victory or will the opposition parties manage to gain ground? https://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/04/18/2004-alberta/
  13. I've done most of the Senate, I have put it on temporary hold while the new CI engine is under development. No plans yet on other legislatures as I don't have much knowledge of their internal politics.
  14. This is the first of the old PM4E Alberta scenarios that I am hoping to remake for the new infinity engine. The file is on the scenarios site. Premier Ed Stelmach is seeking his first mandate from the people of Alberta. Alberta’s white-hot economy is beginning to slow and the Opposition has battered the government on the oil royalty issue, health care premiums, and affordable housing. Will Premier Stelmach be able to win another solid majority, or will the PC string of victories end at 37 years?
  15. I thought I would create an additional Russia map as one of the other ones i've seen is understandably quite cramped due to Russia's huge size. The best one for scenarios is the 'Federal Subjects of Russia - Blank' as the other one has numbers on each region that correspond to each area on the following Wikipeda links https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Federal_District https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northwestern_Federal_District https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Federal_District https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Caucasian_Federal_District https://en.wikip
  16. daons

    Old Demos

    Hi, Is it possible to download old demos for the two below games as there are quite a few scenarios that have been uploaded for these versions on the Campaigns website for multiple provincial elections. It would be useful to be able to view the old scenarios 'in-game' as I am planning on remaking a number of them for the new Canada engine and going through the old .p4e files isn't hugely easy on the eye Premier Forever – British Columbia v. 1.00.6 Premier Forever – Alberta v. 1.00.0 Thanks
  17. Just a thought for a new feature, could it be possible to create scandals in the editor that trigger at a certain date. I know we can create events with negative momentum but we cant spin them. Thanks
  18. @Anthony_270Liking the latest update, it is feeling as though it is all coming together nicely. One quick question on primaries, is there a way to toggle whether the results of multiple primaries on the same day come up as individual popups? Especially when some of the minor parties hold all primaries on one day you can end up clicking through 100 or so results screens. Could there be an option to only show the first one as a popup and then you scroll through the the dropdown to view the results as you can already see the results from previous primaries already? Thanks
  19. An updated version on the 270soft campaigns site has been uploaded replacing and updating some of the issues in the original release.
  20. Thanks for the feedback, that is useful to know (re the reserved powers), the issues are going to be adjusted in an updated version once I get some more free time to research further. In the version released yesterday, the starting polls has been updated since the early sneak preview and reflects a much closer race. The Wildrose have a significant percent of the vote set at 'leaning' to facilitate for a flow to the PC's during the campaign.
  21. 2012 - Alberta As Premier Alison Redford dropped the election writ, she sets off a 28-day provincial campaign that will send Albertans to the polls on April 23 2012. Redford requested Lt.-Gov. Donald Ethell end the Legislature, setting off what is expected to be one of the most competitive election battles in decades. The 28-day campaign will see the PC leader try to extend her party’s 41-year grip on power, while Danielle Smith of the Wildrose Alliance, Raj Sherman of the Alberta Liberals, Brian Mason of the NDP, and Glenn Taylor of the Alberta Party will all be trying to end the Tory dy
  22. The current subscription system seems to work well at the moment but am always open to new ideas.
  23. Just an idea, Could we maybe have an option to give issues a party specific description as a way to distinguish between different parties who have the same issue alignment and reflect the manifestos. For example; Education: Centre-Left - Default - More funding for State education Education: Centre-Left - Labour - Labour will commit to investing £x bln to schools over the next parliament. Education: Centre-Left - Plaid Cymru - Education in the Welsh Language must be supported - Fund the provision of language teachers. Education: Centre-Left - Lib Dems - The Libera
  24. Awesome. Just a though could this be expanded in the future for mass editing primary delegates and or dates? For the UK/Canada, Congress, the ability to use spreadsheets for candidate names/strengths would be amazing.
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