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  1. daons

    1986 - Alberta

    Premier Don Getty seeks his first mandate from Alberta voters. The New Democrats under Ray Martin have steadily risen in the polls due to Getty's unpopularity. Anything less than Lougheed's massive majority will be seen as a failure for Getty. Faced with high unemployment and low oil prices, can Don Getty maintain Lougheed's string of massive majorities? http://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/07/11/1989-alberta-2/
  2. daons

    1989 - Alberta

    Premier Don Getty has called a snap election less than 3 years into his term. The New Democrats under Ray Martin and the Liberals under Laurence Decore have steadily risen in the polls. Faced with an economic recession, high unemployment, failing oil prices, large deficits and failed government-funded companies, can Don Getty maintain his majority? http://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/06/09/1989-alberta/
  3. daons

    1993 - Alberta

    Premier Ralph Klein seeks his first mandate from the people of Alberta. Alberta is currently reeling from a lagging economy and a growing $20 billion dollar debt. Can Klein distance himself from the Don Getty record of fiscal mismanagement, and use his charisma and folksy populism to hold off Decore’s transformed Liberal party? http://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/05/31/1993-alberta/
  4. daons

    1997 - Alberta

    After the 'Miracle on the Prairies' in 1993, popular Premier Ralph Klein seeks his second term. This election is seen by many as a 'Ralpherendum' on Klein's balanced budget and extremely deep budget cuts. Can the Liberals and the seatless New Democrats knock him out of power? http://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/05/11/1997-alberta/
  5. Thanks, will give this a go.
  6. Just a random question, what is the limit for seats on the PMI/CI engines as I am considering making a UK local elections scenario and for London alone for example there are 1,851 councillors. I imagine with more parties the engine slows down anyhow but I'd like to know is there is a physical limit. It would be frustrating to get 800 seats into a scenario and hit a limit.
  7. v.2 - Added candidate riding positions and high score bonuses
  8. v.3 - Small edit to add candidate riding positions and high score bonuses
  9. v.2 - Very small update to this scenario to add some ministerial positions and bonuses to riding candidates. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2019/10/26/alberta-2015-2/
  10. daons

    2001 - Alberta

    A booming economy and huge budget surplus have Alberta flush with cash. Can the New Democrats and Liberals knock off a highly successful Ralph Klein who is seeking his third term? 2001 - Alberta.zip
  11. daons

    2004 - Alberta

    It will be Alberta 2001
  12. daons

    Ireland - 1918

    This is a really nice scenario. Lots of issues and events give it a real feel for the post war era.
  13. daons

    2004 - Alberta

    Premier Ralph Klein has stated that this will be his last election. Will he sleepwalk to a huge victory or will the opposition parties manage to gain ground? https://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/04/18/2004-alberta/
  14. I've done most of the Senate, I have put it on temporary hold while the new CI engine is under development. No plans yet on other legislatures as I don't have much knowledge of their internal politics.
  15. This is the first of the old PM4E Alberta scenarios that I am hoping to remake for the new infinity engine. The file is on the scenarios site. Premier Ed Stelmach is seeking his first mandate from the people of Alberta. Alberta’s white-hot economy is beginning to slow and the Opposition has battered the government on the oil royalty issue, health care premiums, and affordable housing. Will Premier Stelmach be able to win another solid majority, or will the PC string of victories end at 37 years?
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