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  1. I haven't decided yet :)
  2. The 2021 Nova Scotia general election is to be held on August 17, 2021, to elect members to the 64th General Assembly of Nova Scotia. 2021 sees 4 new ridings up for election and currently the Liberals are polling well and look set to be returned to government but what will happen during the campaign? The campaign polling starts of with a Liberal lead and has a few events to shift the polls to the PCs which seems to lead to a much closer campaign at the end. Any suggestions for improvements/additions are more than welcome. https://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/10/08/2021-nova-scotia/ Here is a Nova Scotia related track to have in the background while playing the scenario
  3. Has anyone else noticed in the new engine that percentages don't seem to shift very much in the primaries. It seems much harder to dislodge the starting leaders. My strategy probably needs to change with the new polling feature but I thought it would be interesting to see what others think. It might be that everyone is cancelling each other momentum wise preventing any one candidate getting a foothold. In a general campaign this wasn't an issue (a 2020 Trump campaign won 54% of the pop. vote!) It is super stable and there are no speed issues like we used to get in the classic version after some time.
  4. Hi Anthony, Just doing some testing and had a scenario deleted when importing from a folder. Thanks
  5. daons

    1959 - Alberta

    The 1959 Alberta general election is to be held on June 18, 1959, to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. Ernest C. Manning, in his fifth election as party leader and provincial premier hopes to lead the Social Credit Party to its seventh consecutive term in government. Previous to this election, the Social Credit government had done away with the Instant-runoff voting system in use in the rural constituencies, and the Single Transferable Vote system in Edmonton and Calgary, both of which had been in place since 1924. This brings Alberta in line with the other provinces using the First past the post systems. https://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/09/26/1959-alberta/ Unfortunately the majority of elections before 1959 were not fully First past the post it will be hard to create accurate campaigns. There were campaigns for 1905 and 1921 done for the original which I will redo for the infinity engine eventually. I plan to work on a Nova Scotia 2021 campaign next.
  6. Candidate photos for O'Toole and Annamie Paul for when the scenario gets going. eotoole_large.bmp eotoole_small.bmp apaul_large.bmp apaul_small.bmp
  7. daons

    1963 - Alberta

    The 1963 Alberta general election is being held on June 17, 1963, to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. The Social Credit Party, led by Ernest C. Manning is seeking its eighth consecutive term in government. Some Social Credit supporters are so confident of their party’s chances that they talk of winning “63 in ’63”, i.e., all 63 seats in the legislature in the 1963 election. Can opposition parties make an impact in this election and win seats? https://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/09/15/1963-alberta/
  8. Ernest Manning aims to lead his Social Credit party into an unprecedented ninth consecutive term in government. Can the Liberals, NDP, and transformed PCs – led by the charismatic Peter Lougheed – succeed in pushing Social Credit into minority status, or will they once again be crushed by the Social Credit machine which has dominated Alberta since 1935? v.2 – Very small update with some amended surrogate stats/descriptions. https://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/09/06/1967-alberta-v-2/
  9. Found this interesting site the other day. They have podcasts/articles relating to 2021 and also historical campaigns https://www.thewrit.ca/
  10. Looking forward to the new update, Just thought for editor options it would be great to have the ability to import more data from spreadsheets such as issue descriptions, issue centres, primary percentages etc.
  11. daons

    1971 - Alberta

    The Progressive Conservative party has been revitalized under the dynamic and youthful Peter Lougheed. Will the PCs be able to end 36 years of Social Credit rule or will Harry Strom’s Social Credit Party continue to dominate Alberta politics? https://campaigns.270soft.com/2021/08/28/1971-alberta/
  12. @Anthony_270Just a quick question in regards to the old Premier Forever scenarios. Are you able to remember where you got the information to decide which regions had which issue centres? I am considering making some more of the Alberta elections between 1921 and 1967 and it would be good to keep to a style that is similar to the 67-2008 campaigns. This could also be useful for other provincial scenarios. Thanks
  13. Hi, I'm keeping the same resolution throughout only using the maximise screen on the main menu. My resolution is 1366 x 768.
  14. @Anthony_270 Very impressed with the latest release it feels very stable running the official 2020 general election campaign and the processing speed is remaining constant throughout (no memory leaks) and save/load is working. A few ideas for future updates could be; Automatically deleting ads that have run max turns State calls on election night Text size on the issue list pop-ups/scenario pop-up looks a little large and cuts of some of the text The polling feature feels very immersive also, giving a nice of fog-of-war effect in less polled states.
  15. Found this on Maclean's which might be useful for policies and positions https://www.macleans.ca/rankings/2021-federal-election-platform-guide/
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