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  1. No! No! No! Not XBox Kinnect is annoying!
  2. Obama because I was barnstorming like crazy.
  3. I was Jon Huntsman/Marco Rubio VS Barack Obama/Joe Biden (Hard Mode) Jon Huntsman/Marco Rubio 531 Electoral Votes 61.8% Barack Obama/Joe Biden 7 Electoral Votes (worse defeat for an imcumbent) 38.2% Key States Illnois Huntsman Rubio 53.1% Obama/Biden 46.9% Hawaii Obama/Biden 50.8% Huntsman/Rubio 49.2% Delware Huntsman Rubio 54.7% Obama/Biden 45.3% DC Obama/Biden 62.5% Huntsman/Rubio 37.5% I was mad about Hawaii I had +6 momentum 46.6% vs 50.6% Obama with -3 momentum
  4. If a candidate has the same views as the friend, they should have a chance, but the person who is most likely to win will probably get money.
  5. But in real life, the corporate money is going to Gov. Mitt Romney. Elections are never on a fair playing field in terms of money.
  6. This was with 2008 orignial senario. It was Gore, Kerry, Clark,Vilsack, Bayh, Warner for the Democrats. Allen, Frist, Tancredo, and Gingrich for the Republicans.
  7. 2008 election scenario I was Al Gore. I started in the primaries and won. I faced George Allen. This was on hard mode 2008 election Results: Al Gore 538 Electoral Votes 67% of the Popular Vote George Allen 0 Electoral Votes 33% of the Popular Vote
  8. Corporate Friendship 1-5 Union Friendship 1-5 PAC Friendship 1-5 SUPERPAC Friendship 1-5 Money/Influence Resistance 1-5 Corporate Friendship could depend on part on the candidate's view on Corporate taxes, but Corporations should also try to buy ALL candidates. Union Friendship could depend on part one the candidate's view on Unions. PAC Friendship and SUPERPAC Friendship could depend on a certain issue or have standard ideology like center-left or right. If the Money/Influence Resistance is 5, the candidate would reject all Friendship money. If Money/Influence Resistance is 4, the candi
  9. I also would like to see the VP candidate being able to increase their IF. It also ticked me off when I ended up with a VP with a IF of 1 or 2.
  10. Could you add a Corporate, Labor, PAC/SuperPAC fundraising buttons to the game? Corporate Money is pretty influential today in the United States. There also should be an option for computers to not use Corporate, Labor, PAC/SuperPAC depending on if they pledge not take money during the campaign. Remember 94% of elections are decided by the one who raises the most $
  11. former campaign manager of Mike Huckabee Ed Rollins said that Gov. Huckabee said he wants to run in 2016. 4:44-5:12
  12. Gov. Mike Huckabee should added. He would a frontrunner. He will be ready to run again by 2016.
  13. “Candidate Standings...Thune, Rubio, and Jindal would be the three frontrunners for the 2016 GOP race with Christie, Bush, Ryan, Brown, and Huntsman Jr trailing a few points behind. Bachmann, McDonnell, and Haley would all be the longer shots. On the Democratic side, Andrew Cuomo would be the front runner, narrowly however, since there is a strong field of opponents from Sherrod Brown, Mark Warner, Kay Hagan, and Joe Manchin to the young and enthusiastic Carte Goodwin, Kirsten Gillibrand and Bob Casey Jr. Republican Possibilities: Kasich, Walker, Scott and West would all poll in the single d
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