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  1. Lindsey Graham should be included to as a off canidate
  2. Party:Democrat/Independent State: Idaho VP: Kirsten Gillibrand, Charlie Crist, Joe Manchin Leadership- 3 Integrity- 3 Experience- 2 Issue Familiarity- 4 Charisma- 4 Stamina- 3 Debate- 3 Abortion: Center- left Gov't Spending: Center- Right Education: Center- Left Energy: Center- Left Environment: Left Gun Control: Center- Right Health Care: Center- Left Immigration: Centrist Defense Spending: Center- Right Iran: Centrist Military Intervention: Center-Left Role of Government: Center Free Trade: Center- Right Tax Rates: Center- Right SSM: Center- Left Social Security: Le
  3. Link didn't work can you send it via email Historybuff93@cableone.net?
  4. Dems: Senator Richard Bluemthal of Connecticut Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico (assuming he wins the Senate race in 2012) Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Flordia(off) Governor Jay Inslee of Washington(off) (Assuming he wins The governor's race) Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado (off) Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota GOP: Governor Rob Mckenna of Washington(off) (Assuming he wins The governor's race) Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan(off) Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire (off) Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi (off)
  5. my idea for canidates Gop 1.Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam 2.Former Texas Gov Rick Perry 3.Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, could be a off canidate 4.Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Dems 1.Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia 2.Governor Mark Dayton of Minnisota 3.Senator Mary Landriu of Louisiana
  6. are u gonna add any of the candidates you were thinking of adding
  7. Title:Congressman Name:Alexander Carsen Age:53 Party:Democrat Political Influence Points:10 State: Louisiana County: Caddo Parish Starting Funds:1,500,000 Description: A Conservative Democrat Can Alexander Take the Senate Seat In Louisiana For the Democrats Avatar:Jon Huntsman How Well Known:3 Established:3 Leadership:3 Integrity:4 Experience:3 Issues:4 Charisma:3 Stamina:3 Debating:3 Basic Political Views: Center-Right on most Social Issues(Abortion, Same Sex marriage, Gun Control), Center-left on Environment, Center on Economics(center right on Spending) and Center Right
  8. i would like to try it out my email is Historybuff93@cableone.net
  9. i would add Michael Bennett, Brian Schweitzer for the Dems VP list, and Bob McDonnell to Republican VP List
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