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  1. send it over and I will check it out. RZ9392@hotmail.com Also send it the theoryspark admin, since they will probably have better luck at finding the error.
  2. Great! Thank you for responding.
  3. I also hate to spam this page with questions/suggestions, but will turnout still be pre-determined before the game begins? It would be awesome If turnout is determined by your campigns GOTV. It adds more realism to the game, as well as responsibility for winning/losing the race. Will the "predictions" tab still exist? And how will polling be different?
  4. Congrats on the great review in the Minnesota Republic. One question though. Will the problem that was addressed in the article, be fixed in the new version? This happens to me every time, and is not very realistic. How is the player supposed to continue a game, when it is impossible to win?
  5. I'm sure this deadline won't be met, understandably. I just hope with all this waiting that the game is highly improved, and just not new candidates.
  6. So after completing just 2 units, you can test it out?
  7. It going ok so far. It's annoying though because the assembly districts in the cities are hard to draw on the main map, because there smaller.
  8. Do features include possibly a recount or along the lines of game changing activities not available in President Forever 2008 + Primaries?
  9. Yeah it's pretty tricky with editing. One mistake can take you hours to fix..
  10. Lol, I thought something was wrong when every other senator was missing. Good call. Well I listed the other senators above, so that should help inserting the "off" senators.
  11. District 2: Robert Cowles ® District 4: Lena Taylor (D) District 6: Spencer Coggs (D) District 8:Alberta Darling ® District 10: Sheila Harsdorf ® District 12: Jim Holperin (D) District 14: Luther Olsen ® District 16: Mark Miller (D) District 18: Randy Hopper ® District 20: Glenn Grothman ® District 24: Julie Lassa (D) District 26: Fred Risser (D) District 28: Mary Lazich ® District 30: Dave Hansen (D) District 32: Dan Kapanke ®
  12. I'm taking a quick guess here but I think the races not listed, did not have a challenger. From researching each district that did not have stats, the incumbent has been in office for 5+ years and represent very partisan districts. For example, a bulk of democratic districts not listed are in the milwaukee area and that is very democratic, not competitive. Just a guess..
  13. District 19: REPUBLICAN WIN- No challenger District 31: REP 49 DEM 50 - Toss Up
  14. For some odd reason districts 2,4 etc.. aren't posted anywhere. Even the official wisconsin election website doesn't have it... http://gab.wi.gov/clerks/directory
  15. There's enough of toss ups to shift the power, so for Republican and democratic district where they hold 60+ vote do not have to be diluted for a competitive game...
  16. I broke the percentages down for you, easier look at the party breakdown... District 1: REP: 60 DEM: 40 -Republican Strong District 3: REP 30 DEM: 61 - Democratic Strong District 5: REP 52 DEM 48 - Toss Up District 7: REP 43 DEM 57 - Democratic Strong District 9: REP 73 DEM 27 - Republican Strong District 11: REP 75 DEM 25 - Republican Strong District 13: REP 68 DEM 29 IND 3 - Republican Strong District 15: REP 41 DEM 59 - Democratic Strong District 17: REP 63 DEM 37 - Republican Strong District 19: District 21: REP 53 DEM 47
  17. I helped you out totaling up the registered voters per district: District 1: 72215 District 3: 38197 District 5: 70554 District 7: 64937 District 9: 62438 District 11: 73076 District 13: 65830 District 15: 54099 District 17: 57702 District 19: 49179 District 21: 60966 District 23: 59823 District 25: 61291 District 27: 53651 District 29: 62372 District 31: 60225 District 33: 62732
  18. Could you put him in like a charlie crist or murkowski? Here's a link (in percentages) for all the races, http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/105000829.html#statesenate
  19. That would be great, If you can. Have you moved on to the coordinates and percentages?
  20. I would take out outsourcing as an issue. And replace it with collective bargaining. It is relevant and the stances on the issue are very clear.
  21. Prob made a mistake when copy and pasting the issues from one file to another. But to make a note on that, the question seems terribly biased. What politician (left or right) would admit to promoting outsourcing? Outsourcing is not a party issue, and is not supported by any party.
  22. Can't find the stances on the recovery act. I would just put Far Left- The recovery act didn't go far enough to create jobs. Left- The recovery act was enough to grow our economy. Center- No stance Far Right- The recovery act was useless.
  23. Have you run into a lot of errors so far?
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