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  1. Just sent it out to Actinguy and Patine!

    Actinguy, that would be great! I tried to add formidable VP's, tell me what you think.

    Also I updated all the governors (not recently), just forgot to mention that a ways up when I talked about how I updated the new Electoral college numbers and such.

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  2. yea, i see a few problems; Huntsman not even coming close in Utah? he's leading in polls there. trump is polling first, second, or third in almost every poll (nationally)

    Yeah the scenario was based on a what the polls looked like in mid-march (when I created it). Trump didn't start his surge until April.

  3. haven't gotten it yet? maybe try: nathanielmarshac@aol.com .. unless you haven't sent it yet :P also, could i get your CT Senate Scenario :D

    Check your email for the President 2012 Scenario.

    I just sent you the Conneticut scenario, but all credit goes to Patine who created it, I only updated the map.

  4. Just finished the first Indiana scenario (ever made?), it was probably the most difficult with it having 93 counties, which means typing in various facts 93 times each.

    Here's the candidates.


    Dan Coats

    Marlin Stutzman

    John Hostettler

    Don Bates, Jr.

    Richard Behney


    Brad Ellsworth

    Evan Bayh

    More to be included after research, if you have any suggestions leave it in the comments below.


    Rebecca Sink-Burris

    Here's what the maps look like, I put in false percentages so I could get a visual up for all of you.



  5. It does look pretty good, but two questions. First, why did you remove all the GOP candidates but McMahon and Simmons, including the off-by-default ones, all of which Wikipedia said did consider running for the office? And second, was Mosler really only on the ballot in Fairfield County?

    It must have been a mistake. A lot of the information on a bunch of scenarios i'm completing keep disappearing.

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  6. I wasn't suggesting adding fictional candidates. I was suggesting that you add candidates that didn't run. This includes:


    • Jim Doyle, incumbent governor
    • Barbara Lawton, Lieutenant Governor
    • Ron Kind, U.S. Representative
    • Herb Kohl, U.S. Senator
    • Tammy Baldwin, U.S. Representative
    • Marc Marotta, former Secretary of Administration, Chairman of Doyle Campaign, current senior partner at the law firm of Foley & Lardner
    • Kathleen Falk, Dane County Executive and 2006 nominee for Attorney General
    • Mark O'Connell, president of the Wisconsin Counties Association


    • Tommy Thompson, former four-term Wisconsin Governor
    • Tim Michels, 2004 U.S. Senate Candidate
    • Bill McCoshen, former Secretary of Commerce; currently president of a lobbying firm
    • Mark Bugher, former Secretary of Administration, currently Ex. Dir. of UW Research Park
    • Congressman Paul Ryan
    • J.B. Van Hollen, Wisconsin Attorney General
    • Mark Todd of Appleton, businessman

    I meant fictional in the sense that they weren't involved in the real campaign of 2010. It's fiction that Paul Ryan left his post to run. I guess I could of added Jim Doyle as an "off" candidate but adding all of those that you listed above goes against the premise of the scenario. Which I intended to make as a strict replica of the 2010 scenario. If I were to add all those above it would be a "what if" scenario.

  7. Overall it is very good but I do have some suggestions. I think you should add some third party candidates as well as more Democrats and Republicans. Also...for the endorsements, there are random people that weren't elected to Congress serving as Congresspeople! This includes, Todd Kolosso, Joe Kallas, and Julie Lassa.

    Sorry about that, updated on the scenarios page and sent a new copy to your email. For now I'm going to be unable to add fictional candidates to the game because I have a lot of other scenarios to edit and upload. Thank you for pointing out the error.

  8. This will all be taken as sound advice for revisions. I think the best way to run the convention-before-primaries issue is to have the in-game conventions (where the engine recognizes the nominations) for the Democrats and Republicans be the primaries (August 10), but have the real-world conventions (May 20) be a pair of scripted events. I'd still keep the CFL in-game convention at January 15, as that's when the party firmly decided on Mertens over Anderson (apparently Anderson was late arriving at this event, which took place in a second-story room above a store in downtown Hatford, and could only offer Mertens congratulations and warnings), and Mossler will remain at May 20, as that's when he firmly announced his candidacy. I can adjust the voter populations, however, and change primareis to closed.

    Sounds good. How do you put in an event that creates negative momentum for a candidate?

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  9. the convention endorses a candidate before the primary, but anyone can participate in the primary. the winner of the convention does not necessarily win the primary. For example in 2006 for Governor Dan Malloy won the endorsement of the Democratic Convention but Jon DeStefano was chosen by Democratic voters as the nominee in the primary.

    That's how they do it in NY too. But it's usually to help the Republican party nominee because the costs to run ads here are crazy, and by the time the primary is over, they're broke.

    So it was a mistake that the GOP convention was in august?

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