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  1. What's your email, i'll just send you the scenario I sent everyone above.
  2. Just sent it out to Actinguy and Patine! Actinguy, that would be great! I tried to add formidable VP's, tell me what you think. Also I updated all the governors (not recently), just forgot to mention that a ways up when I talked about how I updated the new Electoral college numbers and such.
  3. Yeah the scenario was based on a what the polls looked like in mid-march (when I created it). Trump didn't start his surge until April.
  4. I was able to fix the glitch that some complained of, a low level republican winning the nomination and then losing by a 400+ electoral landslide. Now Utah and Alabama will stay red-lol.
  5. Check your email for the President 2012 Scenario. I just sent you the Conneticut scenario, but all credit goes to Patine who created it, I only updated the map.
  6. Ok sending it to you now. Here's a quick look at the GOP nominees. Everything is updated (ie, the electoral college and the primary dates.)
  7. I created a 2012 scenario about a month ago, all the candidates are updated since not much has changed (except Haley Barbour not running). If anyone wants it....
  8. Just finished the first Indiana scenario (ever made?), it was probably the most difficult with it having 93 counties, which means typing in various facts 93 times each. Here's the candidates. Republican: Dan Coats Marlin Stutzman John Hostettler Don Bates, Jr. Richard Behney Democratic: Brad Ellsworth Evan Bayh More to be included after research, if you have any suggestions leave it in the comments below. Libertarian: Rebecca Sink-Burris Here's what the maps look like, I put in false percentages so I could get a visual up for all of you. Thanks!
  9. It must have been a mistake. A lot of the information on a bunch of scenarios i'm completing keep disappearing.
  10. I'm basically finished with it, the only thing i'm doing now is moving the information into the new scenario file. If you want me to send you it now I can do that, but everything isn't there yet.
  11. The Arizona Senatorial 2010 scenario is finally posted. I sent it out to everyone who posted their email above. If you didn't post your email, it's posted on the Theoryspark scenarios page here: http://scenarios.270soft.com/2011/04/22/arizona-senatorial-2010/
  12. I meant fictional in the sense that they weren't involved in the real campaign of 2010. It's fiction that Paul Ryan left his post to run. I guess I could of added Jim Doyle as an "off" candidate but adding all of those that you listed above goes against the premise of the scenario. Which I intended to make as a strict replica of the 2010 scenario. If I were to add all those above it would be a "what if" scenario.
  13. The Arizona scenario will be posted tonight. I'm just working on adding Janet Napolitano and Gabrielle Giffords under request.
  14. Sorry about that, updated on the scenarios page and sent a new copy to your email. For now I'm going to be unable to add fictional candidates to the game because I have a lot of other scenarios to edit and upload. Thank you for pointing out the error.
  15. The Wisconsin Gubernatorial 2010 scenario is finally posted! I sent it out to everyone who posted their email above! If you didn't post your email, it's posted on the Theoryspark scenarios page here: http://scenarios.270soft.com/category/p4e8/ If you have any negative feedback, post and I will make the changes. Thank you.
  16. I did that and it gives neither positive or negative momentum it justs gives them a high profile event in the news cycle.
  17. Sounds good. How do you put in an event that creates negative momentum for a candidate?
  18. I also think the universal alienated should be much higher. Since the results in the general were: Democratic Republican 636,040 498,341 And in the scenario, Blumenthal is receiving 885,000 just in the Primary?
  19. I suggest that there be an event for when Blumenthal misspeaks about his Military record. That can at least make the democratic primary competitive.
  20. That's how they do it in NY too. But it's usually to help the Republican party nominee because the costs to run ads here are crazy, and by the time the primary is over, they're broke. So it was a mistake that the GOP convention was in august?
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