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  1. Well after spending countless hours on it since yesterday, it's finally done!
  2. Ok so I've been trying to figure how to get Bayh into the lead when he's on, but have the Democrats not leading when Bayh isn't in the race. So I set an event when the game first starts (if Bayh is running) that put the democratic momentum high enough to get the Democrats in the lead by the next turn. This eliminates that problem.
  3. Please send me their advice to my email: Rz9392@hotmail.com There could be a bunch of problems that are causing the game to crash. A tiny html error could cause it, or possibly not having the coordinates correctly placed on the map. I think we're out of luck with this scenario unless the Admin can help us or if a Congress forever scenario creator is put out. Neither right now is likely. I would go back to working on the 2006 scenario. Hopefully in the future this can be completed.
  4. Third party candidates will only be included if they make a impact on the race ie. Crist, Murkowski. The only exception to that is if Lieberman was to run, which he is not. I might include him on off but it's not a high priority now. Plus i'm limited with how much I can do with html.
  5. Ok so editing 100 senatorial seats via html is very hard, but it's done. All i'm going to say is that the Republicans need 51 seats to take the the majority and they start off with a projected 52-53 (still a few percentages to adjust which may skew the results). I'm going to keep the goal for them at 51, since I don't see any other number feasible for a goal (or sensible, except maybe 61 for a supermajority?) Here's a wrap up of where everything stands when the game begins. Safe Democratic (leading challenger by more than 15 points) Dianne Feinstein (CA) Tom Carper (DE) Ben Cardin (MD)
  6. CIA Director Leon Panette admitted on NBC that they continued tortured tactics to get details on Bin Ladens where abouts.
  7. I also have a suggestion. To put a check mark or something like that on election night for the projected winner. Unless the race is close, it is usually called before it's done processing the results.
  8. & How different is turnout going to be compared to Congress forever? Also, is President forever 2012 going to be a mirror image of congress forever? I remember you talking about a new feature called "ground ops?" Would that be considered the same as the options available in targeting senate/congressional seats?
  9. That's debatable & not supported by hard facts. What we know is that Obama wanted to leave the middle east in 2006. To quote him, "The war is lost." Now if Obama or any democratic president was around then, we would of never caught Osama. It was Bush who took the popularity hit and kept our troops their and led the overall intelligence for Obama to take over.
  10. A question for Admin, are the results that appear in Congress Forever based on a predetermined turnout?
  11. Gas wasn't anywhere close to $5 back in 2004, unemployment was below 8%, the debt wasn't even near where it is today, and the economy wasn't on the brink. The Osama issue will help Obama on his foreign policy. But the economy is the economy, and living like most people are now isn't going to be a game changer just because a man (who should've been caught ages ago) was killed. This argument can easily be turned into a Bush vs. Obama argument, but the electorate is going to look at if their life since Obama took office and if it has gotten better. I don't see Osama changing that view people have
  12. Done. For now it's going to be Terry Goddard. Now for NY GOP vs. Gillibrand, David Malpass?
  13. Done. For now it's going to be Terry Goddard. Now for NY GOP vs. Gillibrand, David Malpass?
  14. Hey guys, I just finished a 2012 Senate scenario. The only problem I have is, that i'm unable to delete Murkowski and Crist without having an error when you click on Alaska or Florida. I know there's a way to make it work, but so far i've haven't gotten it. If anyone knows how to delete it and replace it without having murkowski or crist in the race, leave your email below and I will send it. Also, the democratic + republican challengers are the highest polling primary challenger against the incumbent. The only question I have is if I should include gabrielle giffords and the democratic nomi
  15. The 2012 election will be a referendum on the economy. Although it's great that he was caught, it will be short lived. Especially for an electorate with a short-term memory and a belief that foreign policy should be going well. The election is still a year and a half away, and with $5 gas, an out of control debt, and the unpopular health care bill, it still will be competitive.
  16. I don't think Aaron Shock is eligible to run for president, seeing that he's 29 now and going to be only 34 by 2016 (35+ for president).
  17. Hm interesting take. I think the candidates I listed as the GOP VP's will be the crop of candidates that run in 2016 + beyond. I personally don't see a lot of possible GOP contenders because most of the feasible ones were wiped out in 2006 + 2008. They are just rebuilding there party back up now. I think the public would have a rather a fresh face (with limited experience) than an old hag who's irrelevant. But who knows, there may be another Sarah Palin in the waiting that no one knows about. As for Ron Paul, I literally stuck him in right before I sent out the scenario to everyone because I f
  18. Some other good potential candidates: Susana Martinez (R-NM) Marco Rubio (R-FL) John Kasich (R-OH) Nikki Haley (R-SC) Chris Christie (R-NJ) Scott Brown (R-MA) Jan Brewer (R-AZ) Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Barbara Boxer (D-CA) Michael Bennet (D-CO) Joe Manchin (D-WV) I think Dino Rossi is done politically, he ran a lot but he never held office, so how could he win the presidency? Tim Pawlenty is done too, especially in 2016 when the GOP has a ton of new fresh faces who won in 2010 and now are viable experienced candidates. Who is Aaron Schock
  19. Everything looks great, the only 2 issues i'm iffy about is Stem Cell and War on terror. Although they are both very important issues, are they going to be the focus around the 2012 campaign? Maybe you should reconsider and replace them with Unions and the National Debt or the Debt Ceiling, or China. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act = Obamacare
  20. Lmao, why would Gingrich drop out? Nothing that a few relations would fix, I think I set Romney & Huckabee to have a bad relationship (like real life). I'm glad that the overall general election seemed realistic, I forgot what I did to make that work. I find it so unrealistic & annoying, when polls are +5 one turn and then -10 the next, states aren't supposed to change that fast. Thank you for the great feedback! Btw, what did you think of the GOP VP's?
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